Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ian - the perfect Bull (by Dale)

This is our first blog on Ian. We recommend you read the pages 'Ian parts 1 and 2' first. Click here for part 1.

I have been trying to convince Sarah that one of us should reach out to Ian, and arrange to finally meet him, as he had suggested to Sarah in their last text conversation in December. Sarah is not keen at the moment. She texted him again just before New Year to follow up on his suggestion to meet in January, and we are now half way through January and he seems to have disappeared. This is not like him, as for all his faults, he is very good at responding to text messages in a timely manner. Sarah just wants to leave it for now. She believes that Jerry is enough to keep her amused at the moment, and I guess she's had enough of chasing after Ian.

Maybe I should explain why Ian appeals to me so much, and what works for us in the 'triangle'. Two words really - Mind Games !! Ian is superb at this. He really got into the dark recesses of both our minds. He had a way of keeping me well onside and in a good space throughout the relationship. I would always know when he was sexting Sarah, while I was at work, as I would usually get an email during the day asking how I was or just touching base.  He is always very good at ensuring that there is something for me to think about and do as he is grooming Sarah.  For example, he would praise me and tell me how good I was doing at becoming what he described as a 'compliant cuckold' and talk about my training as much as he did Sarah's.  He painted a picture of what my role would be in the proceedings and always made sure that I was included in some way.

Now some of you experienced Cucks out there will scream 'yes, but it should all be about her, not you'. However I beg to differ.  In my opinion, the perfect Cuck has a very definite role to play in supporting, preparing and encouraging his Hotwife for her Bulls, and in order to do this joyfully he must be part of the triangle. 

I remember clearly the most mind blowing moment, when I was in the gym, was a text from Ian giving me a list of things that I was to do including buying condoms (large ones !!), and to prepare a drawer for him in our bedroom in which all lingerie etc., that would be for his and Sarah's exclusive use, would be kept.  Well I got hard immediately and had to leave the gym and call Sarah !!!

Even the sex acts that he and Sarah were to enjoy pandered to my needs.  Phrases like 'Sarah will look at you as she takes my cum on her tongue', 'you will love watching your wife enjoy me from behind', 'you will clean up Sarah when I am finished with her' etc. just positively enflamed me all the more !!

One event that he described was that Sarah and I would meet Ian in a pub, and after a couple of drinks he and Sarah would go off to a secluded corner where they would snog and he would remove her panties.  Sarah would then return to me and he would go the the washroom and masterbate in the panties.  Returning to the table he would hand the cum filled underwear to me as a trophy which I would then carry round proudly for a few days in my suit pocket.  Once again an instant erection was the result !!

So you can well understand that I am very disappointed that these amazing fantasies have not become a reality, and I live in hope that Ian will deliver one day !! Sarah has said she will contact him eventually, but insists there must have been a reason why he didn't respond to her last text. I am sure, however, that he was just busy or away or something. The threesome with Jerry has filled one gap in my sexual desires, and certainly Jerry seems more straightforward.  But, to date, no one has come close to, what Sarah and I would agree is, the Perfect Bull.

Click on 'Keeping the smouldering embers burning' describing some of Ian and Sarah's text message fantasies as we get closer to eventually meeting him.

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