Thursday, 4 September 2014

The fantasy text message world of Ian

Ian took us to his swing club a few days ago. But in the weeks leading up to the event, text messages between Dale, Ian and myself had been frequent and increasingly intense, as we came closer to fixing a date. Dale and Ian whiled away many hours, discussing what they envisaged might happen in the club. Ian intended for me to be pleasuring multiple men and women under his instruction. He had also banged on about this to me. He had one particular fantasy in mind, which he is truly obsessive about. There is a small room in the club with a locked door, and a window with bars, through which men can put their hands or cocks. I was trying to keep an open mind but felt very unsure. I am conscious though that I asked him to be my Dom, so should be more willing.

Ian eventually went too far when he sent me a picture of one of his lovers in her underwear and raved on about what a good body she had. He was doing this because he thought I might like to sleep with her, but all it achieved was fueling jealously. I was aware of her existance because he had discussed her with Dale, but I didn't need this young tight 26 year old body shoved in my face. At nearly forty and having had 2 children, I am good for my age and know how to dress to make myself sexy in a stylish way. But I cannot compete with that!

Ian also wants to get me pregant - or a least role play this! He wants me to beg for his fertile seed as he fucks me deep. He also wants to fuck me in my wedding dress. Dale laps this stuff up when they chat. 

Dale had had to sooth me many times, as my fears increased that this was all going too far. Ian had become increasingly pushy with his fantasies and they freaked me out. Dale thought this is just Ian in fantasy land. In the early days we used to think he was a cyber sex fantacist. Obviously we have met him now, but the relationship is still prodominantly text message based. Dale had assured me, that as with the night at the spa, Ian will be nice, kind and caring when we meet in the swing club. In the last blog Dale concluded that Ian is very much a fantacist who probably won't deliver in reality. I think he is just taking it slowly, and means every thing he says....

I believe much of the problem is that the text message relationship has gone a lot faster than the physical. Dale and I have been texting Ian for over a year now. Frequency varies, but on average one of us has a lengthy chat about every fortnight, where fantasies are explored. The relationship has developed as you would expect for one of that frequency and length of time. The only problem is, is that the physical relationship needs to catch up. We have only been seeing him in person for 6 months, but have only met him five times, four of which were sexual and usually snatched moments. There is a huge discrepancy between the two aspects of the relationship, which causes me confusion.

We finally got to the club with Ian. The evening started of fairly normal. We met for drinks in a pub first, and he was nice and polite as usual. He sat opposite Dale and myself this time, so there was no opportunity for any pre-play. He talked at length about what we were to expect in the club, and we then touched upon what he would expect of me. I was reassured that it would be one step at a time, and that it would be a good opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the environment. I verbalised my concern about being groped by random men through the bars in the room Ian likes. He said that can only happen if I go near the bars. I commented the the text message relationship was going faster that the physical, to which he echoed Dale's view that they was just text messages. Yes he wants me to do this stuff, but he wasn't expecting it now. I was relieved. Dale was apparently right.

Or was he? Were we about to go from the frying pan to the fire? Read the next blog to find out what happened in the club.

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