Thursday, 4 September 2014

From the frying pan to the fire.....

Upon initial arrival in the club Ian continued to be gentle. He got us drinks and the three of us sat together in a booth taking in the atmosphere. There were not many people at this stage, but I made eye contact with a cute guy in the opposite booth.

I started to caress Ian's firm body under his top, played with his nipples, the way I usually do to him in a bar. In contrast, to previous times I have done this, he was unphased. I commented that I like the effect I usually have on him when I touch him this way. It gives me a momentary feeling of power when I see his eyes glaze over as I tease his nipples. "I'm feeling in control tonight" he said firmly in a matter of fact voice. I withdrew my hand. He was different. He was on his territory, and I knew that if I tried to play him at his own games I would lose. I told him I wanted to do as he said, but begged him to use his judgement as to what I could handle. "Of course" he agreed.

Ian suggested that after our drink we go for a wander and see what's going on. And what happened next confirmed to us that our Bull was indeed a Bull.

We wound up in Ian's favourite room, with the barred window. Many a text message had described this room to me, and here we were. I stood in the far corner and he started to kiss me, hand up my dress exploring under my lacy panties. This was normal of course. But then his tone changed, he went into Dom mode and instructed me to sit on the floor at Dale's feet and suck Ian's cock. On moving out of the corner, where my view of the rest of the room had been obscured by Ian, I realised that there were a number of men pushing their cocks through the bars. I found this threatening and the sight was such a shock that I had a panic attack. Ian immediately moved me back into the corner and resumed kissing me so that the men were obsured from my vision. When he felt I had recovered from the shock, he tried again. My reaction was the same, and Dale insisted we left this room. Ian led us to the room opposite and sat me down on the couch, and both he and Dale cuddled me until I calmed down. Then kissing me Ian gently reassured me that we would slow down. I was hugely embarrassed. I had really wanted to meet Ian's fantasies, and not to mention be a good sub. I sheepishly told him I would get there eventually. He was very nice about it and said we will go one step at a time (not the first time he has said this!)  

This room had a one way mirror so we could be seen from the corridor. That was fine. I don't mind being watched, as long as it is not obvious. He kissed me passionately and moved his hands over my body. Then he sat me down on the edge of the bed, lowered his jeans and boxers, took a firm hold of my hair, then instructed me to suck him. This was what I needed. After a while he told me to go on all fours. Dale, who was beside me lifted my dress and started to finger me. In my enjoyment I lowered myself flat onto the couch and continued to suck whilst Dale played with my pussy. The one way mirror was behind us, but I didn't mind that we could be seen. I continued to eat Ian's cock, aware that my bottom and pussy were on display behind the mirror. Then Ian told me to sit on my husband's face. Dale obediently moved over and I squatted over him whilst I enthusiastically gobbled my lover's beautiful cock. I could feel Dale's tongue probing inside me.

When Ian decided that was enough for now, he led us back to the booth in the bar area. He was now strutting about, clearly enjoying his role. I started to touch his body again. Not because I thought it would turn him on this time, but because I desired his body. He firmly reprimanded me, telling me to wait and not be impatient. He assured me that if I was a good girl I would be rewarded with his body. "I know you want me just as much as I want you" I said to him. He didn't hesitate to confirm this. "I know you've always wanted me" I pressed. He nodded. Score for me, I thought childishly - he may be in control, but he's crazy about me! He continued to talk to me like a schoolgirl. I can't remember much of what he said, but the gist was how I will obey him and be rewarded for good behaviour etc. I do remember however that his words and manner turned me on so much. I tried to touch his body again. "No" he warned me again, firmly, as though I were a naughty child.

The three of us went for another wander before coming back to the bar area. I told Ian that I wanted him to come to our house and use a riding crop on me. I was conscious that this sort of thing is not in his realm of interest. However he agreed. He said he had no problem with this, but nobody had ever asked him to do this before which was why he had never done it. I explained to him how I find the pain exquisite when sexually stimulated, but that I need a proper Dom to do this with, as the effect would be more profound than with my husband. In my opinion a husband can't really be a Dom in a realistic way. Ian told me he'd like to take me into one of the rooms that has one Glory Hole. He wanted me to wank the cock for a moment. I agreed to touch it on condition that he comes to our house and whips me with a crop until I have stripes on my back. We shook hands on this deal.

However we never made it to this room - I believe the room was taken but can't quite remember. Instead we ended up back at the mirrored room. He asked if he could bring some guys in for me to suck. I agreed to one guy of my choice for one minute, and Dale went to find the man I was making eyes at earlier. In the mean time Ian placed a cushion on the floor, and instructed me to kneel for another blowjob. I was well underway, Ian with a firm grasp on my hair, when Dale returned with the handsome dark man of Arabic appearance and accent. Brief introductions were made. His name was Joseph. Ian told him I was in training, and  still holding my hair, dictated the rules to Joseph, who seemed so grateful just to be getting something! He was told that I would suck his cock for one minute only, then he was to leave. The poor guy just nodded subserviently. I was then instructed to suck Ian's cock for a bit longer, then upon Ian's command I moved my head to Joseph who had his cock ready. I observed it was very big. I obediently moved my face forward hoping he was fresh and clean, but discovered he had covered up. That was a bit of a surprise, but maybe he had thought some full sex was on the cards. I didn't much like the sucking over the condom, but appreciated the 'divide' as I wasn't sure that I was ready to have the bare cock of an anonymous man in my mouth. I serviced Joseph as well as I could, keener to please my Dom than this man. My hands were firmly behind my back at Ian's command. Ian encouraged and praised, and told me what I good girl I was and how pleased he was with me. I've no doubt that there was an audience behind the mirror. At one point during the long minute (maybe it was five minutes) Joseph asked Ian if he could touch me. Ian gave his approval and I felt Joseph hand slide down the top of my dress and squeeze my left breast. Joseph thoroughly enjoyed the blowjob, and that gave me a thrill. The club had been very male heavy, with many desperate men waiting to be picked. I suddenly understood what Ian had said to me many times - how I would have a huge sense of power. Dale told me later, that Joseph acted like he won the lottery when invited to join us.

When Ian decided time was up, I was instructed to thank Joseph before he left. He then told me to get on all fours. I requested he start with missionary, but Ian was no longer in Mr Nice Guy mood and insisted I bend over. He lifted my dress, removed my panties, and started to ease his cock into me. No teasing this time - with the occasional very hard spank he took me full throttle until he shot his load. Dale then cleaned me up and we left. We grabbed a drink of water at the bar, and I avoided eye contact with Joseph. Ian and I sat back down in the booth whilst Dale went for a wander by himself. Ian asked me how I felt about the experience with Joseph, and  we had a chat about that. He said he liked it when I tell him how I feel. In truth I was feeling confused. Dale returned  before long and we went to fetch our belongings from the locker room. Ian gave me several gentle kisses goodbye and said he see me soon. He had softened slightly, but I was feeling upset.

In fact I spent two days in an emotional turmoil. This had all happened too fast. I'm feeling angry with Ian. I had trusted him to go at my pace and he had pushed. He had never behaved like this before, and I fear its gone too far now. Not wanting to throw the baby out with the bath water, though, I texted him and told him I had a great time. This is partially true. I want to keep it spinning whilst Dale and I work out whether there is still a role for Ian in our life. I am also conscious that Ian may be thinking I'm not able to give him what he wants, and this thought saddens me. We've put a lot of emotional energy into making it work with Ian, but what I yearn for now is a nice straightforward threesome, the kind Jerry gave to us - full of fun, no pressure or mind games. Maybe its time for a new lover.....

Read the next blog 'and badly burned' for Dale's perspective.

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