Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hot sticky sex and a cream pie

This is the second of a two part account of a private sex party hosted Jonny, my most recent conquest. If you haven't already, read first the previous blog, 'more about Jonny'.

The evening had been slow to start. This resulted in Jonny initiating a game where we were all to take it in turns to remove an item of clothing from someone else. Maybe a bit naff, but it had the desired effect in getting people playing! I had been lusting after Jonny all evening, but had failed to get his attention, which of course only served to make him that much more desirable. But after watching him undress the beautiful MILF down to her knickers, it was finally my turn.

Jonny moved to where I was sitting on the leather sofa. Standing in front of me he briefly kissed my lips as he reached out to fondle my breasts over my silky top. He then proceeded to slowly lift my top over my head. Others were keen to see my nipple piercings (something Jonny had already been privy to), so he was egged on for another item of clothing to be removed. He obligingly wasted no time in unclipping my bra. With my breasts on display he cupped them in his hands, then leant forward again to give me another kiss.

But with this task done, Jonny soon had to instruct me to undress someone else. He chose Alex - the man with the 'come to bed eyes'. I obediently walked topless to the other end of the corner sofa, and shyly straddled this attractive man's lap. His hypnotic smoke blue eyes, that contrasted with his dark features, devoured me.  With my bare breasts inches from his face, he reached out and gently fondled them. I didn't immediately get a chance to undress Alex because his sensual touch was distracting. He leant forward to gently lick my nipples, then kissed my lips. I enjoyed his comparative light sensual touches and kisses, something I haven't experienced since Ian was my regular lover. However soon I started to feel slightly uncomfortable straddling this seductive stranger, so quickly returned to the job at hand by removing his polo shirt. To my delight I revealed surprisingly firm muscles for his age. 

Feeling slightly flustered I returned to my seat. I became increasingly aware that an orgy was developing around me. From the safety of the far end of the sofa I had a good view of Laura, the busty MILF, being pleasured by both Jonny and my husband. I knew Dale would be happy, because this dark haired, dark eyed goddess was just his type. I watched her alternate between Jonny's and Dale's cocks with her mouth. This scene eventually wound up with her briefly feeding Dale's cock into Jonny's mouth, before returning to give (what Dale I told me later) the best blowjob he had ever had in his life! I then observed Jonny mount Laura with his large rugby player body, the same way he had mounted me two weeks earlier, and proceed to fuck her with the same familiar vigour - only this time I was watching!

By this point Alex was now kneeling on the sofa close to me, fucking a woman who was lying supine on the corner part. Dale, sandwiched between the two fornicating couples, fondling both women's breasts. Alex was starting to build up a sweat. Ironically I hadn't really noticed him at the beginning of the evening - or at least not until I saw his sexy eyes! But with no clothes on, his sex appeal really came alive. His smooth hard body, shiny with sweat, look devine as he pleasured this woman. When he realised I was staring, he leaned over, looked at me with ever increasing sultry eyes, and without altering his rhythm, seductively said 'gimme a kiss'. I leant forward obediently to receive a wet sweaty kiss.

Finally Jonny came to pay attention to me. I lay back on the sofa whilst he removed the rest of my clothes, then allowed him eat my pussy. As he expertly waggled his tongue over my clit, I became aware of Alex kneeling on the floor next to me. He asked if he may touch me. I consented and he started to caress my breasts and gently lick my nipples. Jonny continued munching on my pussy. But before long Jonny moved on to someone else, so Alex took over pleasuring me. He felt very different from Jonny; as with his kisses and other intimate touches, his tongue on my pussy was light and sensual. He was down on me for ages, and judging my the purring noises he made, he was thoroughly enjoying  it.

Dale came over to watch me being pleasured by this sexy man. Eventually I guess Dale needed to see more, so handed a condom to Alex. Having been stimulated for so long, I was more than ready to feel Alex's cock plunge into me. He fucked me hard with a youthful vigour that belied his years, and was soon sweating again. He leant forward to give me another gentle kiss and I asked him to take me from behind. With my bum in the air, Alex took hold of my hips and plunged into me, and gave a me a thorough servicing. The man with the sensual touches and kisses had been replaced by an energetic Bull, and I loved every minute of it!

I was enjoying this immensely, but was fast learning, if I am to survive on the swing scene, I must learn to share! Alex soon tired of me and was onto the next available pussy. However the good thing about swinging, is that there is always someone waiting in the wings! And so my lovely Jonny was back paying attention to me. And ever the dutiful Dale handed Jonny a condom. I was especiall horny now, after being licked by two men, as well as being fucked very hard from behind. I straddled Jonny and ground my pussy over his thick cock. Then I started to flatten myself until my breasts touched his face. Reaching out he fed my nipples into his mouth. Before long I felt something prod at my arse and I realised Dale was behind me attempting DP. My anus objected, but not defeated Dale promptly inserted his cock into my pussy along side Ronnie's. I breathed in an out slowly as as he gently but determinedly pushed his large cock further into me. Jonny took an excited intake of breath at the increasing tightness, and I just enjoyed the sensation of still being able to be properly filled after so much fucking. It didn't last long though, as I soon felt Dale pulse inside me as he shot his load. Jonny must have felt the pulsing too, judging by his look of pleasure.

Dale removed his wet cock, but I remained straddled over Jonny, who still had a look of extasy on his face. 'I suppose you want to clean up' I said to him, remembering the first night with him in the marital bed, as described in 'Impromptu fun - part 2). 'Oh yeah!' He breathed as though he'd just been offered a million pounds. Within seconds he had positioned me over his face, and for the second time since whe'd known him, Jonny was enthusiastically sucking every droplet of my husband's cum from me!

Dale and I left not long after. Jonny hugged and kissed me goodbye passionately. I had seen him in a different light this time. He was no longer shy and nervous, but clearly a very experienced and competent player - and a kinky one at that! I feared I was starting to fancy him....

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