Sunday, 6 April 2014

....with a cream pie for dessert !!! (by Dale)

The story continues from 'Dinner with our Bull....'

As we hovered uncertainly outside the building where Ian worked, you can imagine how I was chomping at the bit for some action, after so many months talking about this. This was our second date with Ian. I had just spent the past five hours watching this young stud teasing and seducing my wife, to the point of attracting a certain amount of attention from other tables. In fact one couple briefly joined us and quizzed us as to what we were all about !!  This really fired me up as we now seemed to be acknowledge in the bar as the sexy naughty threesome.

So, as you can imagine, I was well relieved that Sarah agreed to go up to his office. I knew she hadn't wanted it this way, but sometimes you have to live in the moment and take experiences as they are offered. And besides the thought of sex in a deserted office late at night was a somewhat kinky thought.

Ian slipped the key into the door and we tentatively followed him to the lift. Upstairs in his dark office, I excused myself to nip to the bathroom. Returning moments later I discovered that Ian and Sarah had not wasted any time, and were already locked in a passionate embrace. No more long teasing from Ian; she had finally managed to break him.

I couldn't resist this tempting scene, so came up behind Sarah and gently stroked her bare shoulders and squeezed her breasts as they kissed. Not a patient man, I then pulled down the straps of her skimpy top so that she was standing in her lacy bra.  It wasn't long before I had Sarah naked in front of Ian except for her hold up stockings, a pool of clothes on the floor whilst the boys were still fully clothed. (I was later in the dog house for this, as being undressed is something she likes her new lover to do, and had complained about this with our Jerry encounter too - when will I learn !!!)

Sarah was very nervous and asked what to do next.  She didn't have long to wait. Ian produced his cock from his suit trousers and instructed her to suck him. No more invitation than that was needed; she was immediately down on her knees as Ian rested against the wall, his cock to her lips. This was a scene he had outlined numerous times in many months of sexting, so I knew his fantasy was being met too. She was a very hungry girl and was showing him all the techniques that we had practiced together for his enjoyment. In fact she was so enthusiastic that he had to tell her to slow down until she achieved his desired pace. Keen for his balls to also receive some attention, Ian asked her to lick them too. The naughty little minx later told me she managed to get both his balls in her mouth at the same time. Lucky Ian !!  I remind her not to neglect the area behind his sac, so she immediately tickled him with her tongue then gently bit his skin which he loved. He was very impressed with her technique, and in uncharacteristic Bull behaviour gushed "thank you, oh thank" over and over again as he enjoyed the experienced. On the way home she commented that Ian had a large, perfectly shaped cock and was very similar to mine, but she will have to get used to the foreskin.

By this stage Sarah was begging Ian to fuck her.  Shocking news though. He told us he had no condoms. I guess he really did believe Sarah was holding out for a first time in a hotel at a leisurely pace, so had not come prepared. 

Sarah's pussy was on fire by now and needed attention. She asked to be licked. By this stage Ian and I were undressed too. He instructed her to sit on his chair by his desk, at the back of the room (where we now know is where he does all his sexting to us from). Then it was his turn to kneel on the floor, he began to lick her freshly shaven mound. He seemed to be enjoying himself judging by the purring noises he was making as he enthusiastically rubbed his face in her fertile pussy.

After another lengthy blow job, Ian sat on his chair and gently pulled Sarah onto his naked lap and protectively wrapped his arms around her as he embraced her with loving kisses. She straddled him now, and his hard cock was dangerously close to her wet and hungry hole. We had recently discussed fluid bonding and agreed that this was what we all eventually wanted. But with no condoms a more immediate decision was needed. As is often the case in these dilemmas we threw caution to the wind and enjoyed the exciting taboo. Ian was extremely concerned that we were both ok with this and confirmed with me several times before he took hold of his member and dipped it in Sarah's dripping slit. When she felt this, Sarah pushed down hard taking his full long naked cock into her hungry pussy. This was the first time a bare cock, other than mine, has entered her since we have been together. What a huge turn on this was for all of us!

And so the fucking began; straddled in the chair, from behind over his desk, but my personal favourite - watching Sarah on the floor with Ian on top of her. I loved watching Ian pinning her to the floor, working hard at pumping his massive tool deep into her womb.  Sarah's legs were raised high and wrapped around his lean muscularly back. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this stud's firm youthful ass taking my wife .

He was showing her a great time, and in no rush to cum.  Ian was loving and kind during the act; it was as though the dominant, game-playing Bull from the text messages had gone, and a caring lover had appeared using gentle touches, passionate kisses and endearments such as 'darling'. He was no longer bossy and controlling, and ceased using his special name for her.  

Finally they could wait no more. He positioned Sarah over his desk (clearly his favourite position) and started to ram into her, pumping hard and vigourous.  Sarah screamed from time to time as he was so big, which earlier in the evening made him slow down. However,  he was well and truly gone by now, so Sarah just had to take it.   He pulled Sarah by the hips to get deeper into her, with the odd stoke of her swaying breasts, until he exploded his load deep into her waiting womb.  

We had calculated that Sarah was at her most fertile time, so her body was crying out for this man's seed.  He did not disappoint and left a gorgeous cream pie in my wonderful wife.  

Unlike our threesome with Jerry, I had backed off considerably with Ian, being much more of an observer. Having allowed plenty of space to enjoy their love-making, it was now my turn. I asked Sarah to lie on the floor again, which she obediently did - she knew the deal !!  As she spread her legs I had a full view of her swollen pussy lips. And then to my delight I saw a cute dollop of Ian's cum slowly dribbling  out. Well I was right in there licking it up like the good husband I am.  What a wonder taste the combination of their juices that I spent a considerable time cleaning every drop that I could from her.  What a wonderful dessert that was.......

Ian and I have discussed our shared fantasy of breeding Sarah so the fact that she was fertile really got us excited.  Unfortunately as we live in the real world Sarah went to the chemist's yesterday for the morning after pill (although we read this is only 84% effective so I live in hope as I think they would make a beautiful baby...)

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  1. This is a great blog update. Ian has an approach that i also enjoy. Flirting with a wife in the company of her husband always gives me a thrill. As does sensual kissing and love making.

    Hard and fast fucking of a wife is a thing of fantasy and easy for a cuckold to enjoy. But slow and sensual is more of a challenge for most cuckolds and I get a thrill out of doing that too.