Saturday, 5 April 2014

Dinner with our Bull....

Our priority for the past five weeks was to consummate the new arrangement with Ian. However, true to form, as as we discovered last summer, he is like nailing jelly to a wall to get a date. If he were anyone else we would, not only have given up, but concluded that he wasn't particularly interested. However, for the past nine months since Dale started to communicate with him on line, we have got to know his habits and understand how he thinks. So he marches to a different beat to us, but we believe what he has to offer is worth the frustration he causes us.

We have though concluded that we won't be seeing him as often as we'd like, so we will not wait around being faithful. But when he is available we will enjoy him to the max!

Eventually we pinned him down to a Friday night, but said he could meet us but only for a few hours. So the understanding was that we would just be having a drink on the basis that he would have to shoot off early. He apparently had an early train to catch as he was going home to his parents for the weekend. He did suggest that there may be time for a little action, but I firmly put my foot down. I told him I needed him to take his time with me and did not like sex to be a rush. What I didn't say to him was that if giving me a few hours was the best he could do in the space of five weeks, then that wasn't good enough. If he wanted me badly enough he would have to make time.

So I went into London to meet my husband and my lover after work, but with the view it wasn't not going to be consummated this time. There had been a text message chain for much of the week along the lines of how he was going to try to finger me under the table, and he had selected a City bar that he felt would be drunken and crowded, so that hanky panky would go unnoticed. Dale and I arrived early and were lucky enough to find a booth tucked out of the way.

Ian arrived, still wearing his suit, but having removed his tie. He kissed me politely on the cheek, as before, but unlike the first meeting, sat down next to me instead of opposite. Dale was on my other side.

Like last time, I did not fancy him, but was entranced by his hypnotic seduction techniques. He touched my thigh, held my hand, but did not kiss me. The chemistry was  intense, and we were inches from kissing, but he teasingly made no move. I told him that I would not be kissing him first because I was fed up with having to chase him. This was definately one for him. He said that I loved the chase games. I told him I hated the way he made me do that, he simply replied that he loved how feisty I was.

I pulled his white shirt out of his trousers and explored his lean muscular torso with my hand. I stroked my hand across his firm pecs, then homed in on his nipples. A glazed looked came his eyes and he started breathing faster. Now he will kiss me I thought. 'You're trouble, you are' he breathed. I lost this game too. I asked Dale tell him I wanted him to kiss me, as I couldn't stand it any more. 

Ian obliged. He slowly touched my hair, then my neck, then kissed my ear. I was screaming inside for his mouth on mine, then just as he put his lips to mine, when I thought I couldn't take the agony any more, he move his lips away in a tease. I leant forward to get closer to his kisses, and he continued the seductive tease of passionate kisses and withdrawing. Sometimes I could kill this guy!

I knew I had got him going though, so there were a few points for me. And Ian stayed much longer than he had intended.

But after dinner and sharing five bottles of wine between the three of us, my judgement was not at its best. I asked Dale to tell him I wanted to consummate it that night. I was frustrated. Ian had teased me, got me on a knife edge, but I felt we were no further ahead. We didn't know when we would see him again, and I didn't fancy another round of 'I'll get back to you ASAP'. In fact I've had a lifetime of ASAPs from Ian. The relationship has gone on for over nine months now, it took us eight months to actually meet him, and I'd had enough. If we never saw him him again, I at the very least wanted a fuck from him; so that at least it's not all been in vain!

We left the bar. The implication was that Ian was going home as he had to get up early. I was feeling drunk, upset and confused as to where it was all going. We passed the door to his office building, and he suggested we come in. So it was now or never I thought. Tacky to be finally consummating the relationship with our Bull in his office.  But I needed this. And the dicking around had gone on for too long. Besides the thought of being bent over his desk.....

Read on for Dale's account of late night fun in Ian's darkened office 'with a cream pie for desert....'

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