Sunday, 30 March 2014

Doubting Ian with the return of Jerry

In actually fact it was Dale who got back in touch with Jerry. It was one of those spur of the moment decisions to see how he was. Or maybe the truth was that Ian was doing our heads in, and we were hoping Jerry would be a welcome diversion. Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised when he  texted back with enthusiasm. He said his new relationship was going nowhere and he often recalled the fun night we had had. He hinted at a repeat, if we were planning a night in London in the near future. This made me enormously happy. I think I hadn't realised how much I liked Jerry as a person, and also what great fun he was in bed. Ironically, compared to Ian he is much more my type - manly, easy to talk to, relaxed.

But I had become so addicted to the sexual high that Ian sends me on with his hypnotic mind-play, that despite his campness, I longed to go to bed with him. When I agreed to become Ian's submissive lover, I took the view that, aside from my husband, I should be faithful to Ian. Dale quite rightly pointed out that this level of sub-dom relationship is potentially dangerous, and besides Dale and I were supposed to be exploring this lifstyle as a fun experience. Since then Ian has gone back to being his usual pain in the arse about getting a date in the diary, so whatever happens it doesn't look like he's going to be the regular lover he makes out to be.

So after the stress of trying to pin Ian down to another meet and the emotional turmoil of his psychological games, the return of the fun-loving Jerry was exactly what I needed.

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