Saturday, 29 March 2014

Becoming Ian's lover

Four weeks ago, as Dale, Ian and myself shared the first of 3 bottles of wine, we clinked glasses in agreement that we would embark upon the threeway relationship that we had spent 8 months working towards. I would be Ian's lover, and Dale would be the encouraging Cuckold. This new relationship was sealed with a  sensual and wanting kiss, as Dale and I said goodbye, at the end of the evening, to our new Bull. Click here for details of the date.

Communication via text has since been regular and passionate, as fantasies are explored. Ian has also been preparing me to become his submissive lover. He is looking forward to subduing me and warns that I will be subject to a spanking for my feistiness. Wardrobe has been discussed, including photos of possible outfits emailed by Dale, for Ian's aproval. A skirt or dress with stockings and heals is essential for all meetings with Ian. He has also selected a nickname for me, now that I am to be his lover, and this name is to be exclusive to him. He has explored the possibilty of taking me to a swing club where he will encourage me to play with other men or women. He has also suggested finding a man in a hotel bar, to take back to our room, for me to have sex with in front of him and Dale. However, in the meantime he is looking forward to enjoying me as much as possible himself. We have explored the possibility of fluid bonding, but now agree that it would be better to play safe the first time. 

Ian is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, been the most exciting experience of my life. I felt this way about him when he was nothing more than a cyber fantasy, and even though the real Ian is very different, the way he excites me is the same.  He's not drop dead gorgeous, I don't feel I have a special afinity for him from a freindship point of view, and I certainly don't fancy him the way that I have fancied others. But he knows how to get under my skin in a truly seductive and hypnotic way. No man has ever made me want them as much as I want Ian. But the only reason I want him is because he cleverly groomed me into wanting him.

And then Jerry came back into our lives......

Click here for the next blog 'Doubting Ian with the return of Jerry'.

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