Saturday, 1 March 2014

Interviewing our new Bull - the real Ian (by Dale)

We had a great time last night having dinner and drinks with our new Bull. No sex and very little touching which was a first for Sarah however we decided to handle this one differently. We want to really get to know Ian after Sarah's eight month cyber affair which can be read about in 'Ian part 1 - a cyber affair'. He wasn't quite what we expected. Softer, gentler and more human. What surprised us was that he acted quite camp and not the big hard Bull that came across in his texts. However there was a mysterious look in his eyes every time we got onto the topic of sex. Like a switch was flicking in his head.  Sarah was mesmerised by this look and felt that he was making love to her with his eyes alone. We spent six hours in a quaint old pub in South London talking about everything including what Ian plans to do with Sarah when he gets her to the bedroom.

What was amazing is that this guy really gets the Trinity of hot wife, cuckold, bull that we are after and is really keen to ensure that we are all getting something from the experience. He was just as interested in making sure that I was happy as Sarah.

Having no sex on the first date has only heightened Sarah's desire to have Ian again and fully consummate the relationship. He has though given her a taste of what is to come with a very romantic kiss with a hint of passion to come as we said goodnight.

Read Sarah's perspective in the next blog 'Slow smouldering effects of a hypnotic seduction'.

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