Monday, 17 March 2014

The slow smouldering effects of a hypnotic seduction

I have been having an affair with Ian for 8 months now. But until a couple of weeks ago the relationship had been conducted purely by text and email - he would make love to me via text, in this fantasy, cyber world, and his words would never cease to takes me to extraordinary heights.

Dale and I have now finally met him in person for the first time, as already described by Dale in the previous blog 'Interviewing our new Bull'.

Ian sat opposite me in a pub, us barely touching for the entire evening. And yet he made love to me for the umpteenth time. This time, without the aid of modern technology to hide the real person, like Valentino he mercilessly seduced me with smouldering eyes and expressions of passion.

However when we first saw each other face to face I didn't immediately see his magic.

We had arrived at the pub about the same time as Ian. Dale had received a text from him asking for our drinks orders and telling us to meet him upstairs. So I dashed off the the ladies to refresh my appearance. On coming out of the loos, Dale was waiting for me, and at that moment Ian came down the stairs.

And that was the first time I laid my eyes on my cyber lover - my future Bull.

And a very normal looking guy, whom I didn't quite recognise, shook Dale's hand before politely kissing my cheek. He was friendly, he was nice looking. But he was not the sex god I had built him up to be. 

Upstairs we took a table whilst Ian went to get the drinks. I sat down next to Dale at a table, and from where we were I had a good view of Ian from behind as he stood at the bar. I enjoyed the sight of his cute pert bum. He had told me that afternoon that he would be changing from his suit before meeting us, which I was a little disappointed about because I do like a man in a suit. However his lean body looked particularly nice in his well-fitted jeans and sweater.

As we waited for Ian to return with our drinks, I wondered if he would sit the other side of me. Only that afternoon he had been texting me with suggestive comments about gently stroking my stockinged thighs in my mini skirt over drinks.

He sat opposite. And we chatted, got to know each other. Ian chatted easily with Dale about business. He was confident, nice, and soft-spoken. In fact slightly  camp. Not the hard, super cool Bull I had expected! It was hard to believe that this was actually the same man that I had spent so many hours texting our sex fantasies through hundreds of text messages, whilst he groomed me into desiring him in quite an obsessive way. I did not recognise him as the man in the photo with a hypnotic look in his eyes gazing seductively back at me.

I didn't really fancy him, but I still believed he could deliver after what we had been through together. After all, the fire had been smouldering for 8 months. It had to work.....

And then I saw it - in an instant he changed, and I recognised the same hypnotic look that I had fallen for when I first saw his photo last summer. He became a different man as he made love to me with his eyes and mouth from across the table without even touching me. As he looked at me seductively and whispered that I was gorgeous and beautiful, I melted in the same way he had made me melt in so many of his erotic text messages. 

And then he went back to talking to Dale like a normal regular guy. He was like Jekyl and Hyde.

I wondered how long it would take him to change seats, to kiss me, to touch me. When Dale when to the bathroom I thought, he'll make a move now. Instead he gave me another hypnotic look and told me he wanted to take me to bed. He still hadn't touch me, but I nearly had a orgasm at his words and was aching for him to kiss me.

It wasn't until the end of the evening that he finally reached out he took my hand in front of Dale. He played with my wedding and engagement rings, whilst whispering that he could wait to taste me and that he needed to make love to me. I nervously chewed on my finger, which seemed to turn him on, because he looked right at me and said 'you're trouble'.

Touching my hand was the only physical contact we had the whole time he was seducing me from across the table.

At the end of the night Ian insisted on paying for dinner. Then he hugged me outside as we all said goodnight - the closest contact we had ever had! And all of a sudden we were locked in a gentle but passionate kiss - a kiss I believe we were desperate for all night, as we had endured the slow smouldering effects of a hypnotic seduction.

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