Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Snowballs and cream pies (by Dale)

Sarah and Ian have been enjoying a couple of weeks of steaming text messages. I observe the progression of their affair from the sidelines. But last week I was so hormy I had to join in. And so, unbeknown to Sarah, I slipped Ian a text message in the middle of their particularly raunchy conversation. As they say 'strike while the iron is hot' - and boy was it hot that day ....   

And so Ian must have spent the rest of the afternoon dividing his attention between gently grooming my wife to the place he hoped to eventually get her, and sharing his somewhat more advanced fantasies with me.

Ian and I discussed how Sarah would soon be taking his cum on her tongue ready for her to share with me in the form of a kiss. Ian was delighted that I was so looking forward to tasting his cum, so I confessed to him my private fantasy of a cream pie. I do personally believe it is my duty (and my right),
as a compliant Cuck, to orally clean my beautiful wife's pussy after her lover has filled her up.

The first Sarah heard about this was when Ian texted her to tell her that I liked the thought of him cumming inside of her so that I can taste his semen as it dribbled out. He wanted to know if Sarah would enjoy that.

And so with this delicate and controversial subject broached, Sarah tentatively asked Ian if he would be willing to cum inside her. Although somewhat early in the relationship, he was shamelessly enthusiastic about the idea of fluid bonding. He assured her that he always plays safe, which, in his opinion, made it even more of a turn on if he were to share this intimate experience exclusively with Sarah. He also felt it would really enhance my Cuckold experience as my wife takes a lover. He told Sarah that he would happily agree to only be bare with her as he wanted to make her beautiful sweet pussy his. He did however, push this theme a little too far by suggesting that I use condoms whenever I make love to her, leaving him as the only man allowed to fill her up! I compromised and  told him that Sarah and I will abstain prior to the first time he takes her bareback keeping Sarah's womb fresh for his seed. Sort of her presenting herself as a virgin to her lover and putting my Cuckold penis in its place!

Readers will know that our Cuckold/Hot Wife Contract is very clear that the decision is up to Sarah and her lover on this important issue, and I trust that Sarah would not undertake this decision flippantly. Secretly I cannot wait to watch this man thrust his bare cock deep into my beloved, then force me to clean up afterwards.

Read the next blog 'Becoming Ian's lover' describing Ian and Sarah's text message fantasies after the first date.

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