Thursday, 10 September 2015

Fifty shades for real

I had always known Ben had it in him to be a seducer and a Dom, but it was my impatience that caused my negativity. Ben had control where I lacked, and I respected this control as an essential attribute of a good Dom. I trusted him completely that he would never hurt me physically or emotionally due to any careless or wilful act, and this trust is probably the most important starting point in a D/s relationship.

The unexpected second date took place at another rural pub half way between where we lived. We met him for lunch, and sat outside in the beer garden enjoying one of the first real hot days of summer. It started off friendly and platonic. But whilst Dale was at the bar, Ben slowly leant across the table, looked at me intently, and with deliberate precision removed a stray bit of hair from my sweater. There was a sexual charge that left me feeling flustered, and I looked down submissively. Nothing further happened upon Dale's return, but Ben had planted a seed that I knew he would come back to nurture later. I didn't have to wait long. When Dale was at the bar later, Ben swapped places and sat beside me. I felt an electric charge between us as he gently caressed my thighs. When Dale returned with another round of drinks, Ben, without batting an eyelid, continued to act like I was his girl. We finished our meals and a Dale suggested Ben come back with us - well what else could my husband do given what was developing in front of him?

Back at our house, Dale made tea whilst I sat nervously on the sofa next to my new Dom. But he made no move until Dale joined us in the lounge, then respectfully asked my husband's permission to kiss me. Ironically Ben did not ask me, but then I am the sub. I looked at Ben and waited your him to kiss me. Gently he held my face then planted the softest most sensual kiss on my lips. The control he exerted was intense and made me hyperventilate, the way I always do with a Dom. He continued to kiss me gently and sensually and I relinquished all control to him until I nearly had an orgasm! I could feel the light touches of his fingers tracing my neck as I started spiralling towards sub-space. His hand very slowly moved lower as he kissed me, lightly and sensually skimming my collar bone until his hand rested on my breast. As his hand gently fondled me I tried desperately to calm down. Relinquishing that amount of control unnerved me. 'You're wearing too many clothes' he whispered in my ear, as his pulled my sweater over my head. Then kissing my neck and tracing the outline of my more exposed breasts with one hand, he competently unclipped my bra with the other. He breathed delight as he slipped me out of my bra and cupped both my bare breasts with his hands, both deliciously receptive, before lowering his head to gently suckle on each sensitive nipple.

Inches away from sub-space I managed to regain control. I took him upstairs to our bedroom so he could make love to me. I lay back on the bed whilst he ravished my whole body with sensual kisses. I was now back in control and sub space was no longer with grasp. I this point I was looking forward to being thoroughly fucked by this fit stud. He kissed me slowly up the insides of my thighs until he reached my knickers, which he slowly removed and then continued to kiss. When he had finished preparing me with his mouth, Ben mounted me. I could feel his cock between my legs dangerously close to my opening. He continued to prod with his hungry instrument until Dale said 'condom?' Ben stopped and Dale threw him a rubber which Ben quickly rolled on before reestablishing his position on top of me. Covered up he wasted no time in plunging his big hard cock into me. Kissing me at the same time he made love to me with a need suggesting he hadn't had sex in a good while. I lifted my legs high and he adjusted his fit body so I could position my legs around his neck and enjoy his cock deeper.

After a while I begged him to take me from behind. He was soon fucking me hard on all fours. He was more dominant now, and the sensual love-making was replaced by hard purposeful fucking. At intervals he would spank my bottom hard, and I just let him do what he wanted. He flipped me back onto my back again and mounted me like a bear, grabbing hold of my wrists at the same time and forcing my arms high above my head. Pinned to the marital bed, whilst Dale stood on the sidelines with his camera, he fucked me with a supreme sense of control that I found quite an aohrodisiac. In trusting this control I allowed myself to submit again. When he thought I was obeying him, he let go of my wrists, but I yearned to touch his hard muscles of his chest and abs, and run my fingers through the thick layer of hair that covered his body adding to his manliness. In the end I couldn't resist and disobediently reached out to touch him. Within an instant he had grabbed my wrists and forced them back into place. I tried it on again a few minutes later only to receive the same reaction. There was clearly no messing with this Dom!

When Ben decided he'd had enough of fucking me, he positioned me against the wall and tied me up using the red rope from Dale's drawer of toys. The outcome was a work of art. He bossed me about during the procedure, telling me to put my shoulders back and improve my posture. I liked doing as I was told and being reduced to a childlike state - it was strangely relaxing. He then ordered me to lie on the bed where I was blindfolded and had my nipples clamped. For the next hour of so Ben completely focused on me and I selfishly enjoyed the undivided attention that I was getting from my new lover, who was insisting now that I call him 'Sir'. Still in bondage and blindfolded I experienced many sensations from tickling to whipping to stroking. I had very satisfactory red marks on my arse and boobs afterwards. 

An hour later he suddenly stopped the torment and unexpectedly removed the blindfold. 'Hello' he said in a gentle friendly manner, completely incongruous to how he'd been moments before when dominating me. I blinked in the blinding daylight of the early summer evening. Slowly as my eyes adjusted, his gentle baby face with a sweet smile came into focus. He was sitting beside me on the edge of the bed caringly tucking the bed throw around by body to keep me warm. I was released!


  1. sorry its taken me so long to find this bog. Hot and a great read.

  2. Fantastic blog, i myself love seeing marks on S when she comes back home so i can imagine so did Dale?
    I look forward to reading future experiences :)


  3. That's the spirit! If it weren't for my cock cage right now ... my wife needs to call her bull!
    By the way, I write about my life as a cuckold as well here:

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