Sunday, 6 September 2015

My lover in the marital bed

The next thing that happened was another meet with Jonny. We hadn't seen him since his party as he'd been overseas on business. But towards the end of May we arranged for him to come to our house for the evening. If he were to actually turn up he would be my first lover to come to our house in that manner. Admittedly he had been here before so it wouldn't be the first time I had him in our marital bed, as described in 'Inpromptu fun - part 2',  but that occasion had been unplanned. This time we were inviting my lover to have dinner with us at our house followed by unbridled passionate sex in the marital bed. 

I needn't have worried about him showing up, but I guess I'd been too badly burnt by Ian. Jonny pulled up in his flashy car bang on time, dressed in a crisp shirt and blazer looking every bit the former army officer. He looked so handsome, and I knew I was very lucky to have him as a lover. But it was a bittersweet moment; how wonderful it was to have this gorgeous and well-mannered gentleman come to visit, something I had long dreamt of. But it was supposed to have been Ian coming to dinner followed by making love to me in our bed. So many times we had tried to arrange, what had been Ian's idea, only to be let down time and time again. It had by comparison been so straightforward arranging Jonny; one text conversation, date put in the diary, arriving when he said he would. No bullshit, no ASAPs, no reminding or pushing. Maybe I am too harsh on single bachelors!

I was still getting ready for Jonny when he arrived, so he was chatting to Dale in the lounge when I came down. I entered the lounge wearing a mini skirt and my red heels that I knew he loved and he stood up to greet me enthusiastically. He looked delighted at what he saw. I shyly sat next to him keeping a respectable distance, and we made small talk. He asked us if we'd had much fun recently and was very pleased to hear that we had been to a few parties and had played with Alex and Laura again. It's a conversation I'm still getting used to, but that I am embracing whole-heartedly - the wonderful incestuousness of the swing scene, the lack of jealousy and pocessiveness, the complete freedom to enjoy sex with friends and share partners. Jonny didn't bat an eyelid that there had been others since him, and it was liberating. 

Jonny on the other hand had not had sex since his party a month ago, and I soon realised how he was suffering the withdrawal symptoms. I had not intended to get intimate with him prior to dinner, but the minute Dale stepped into the kitchen, Jonny was all over me with an urgency of a man who had been celebate for a month. He tugged at my top and pulled on my knickers, so horny that he couldn't make up his mind what part of my body to explore first, or what item of clothing to remove first! His breathing sounded desperate, he was a man in need of sex! Dale returned at intervals to watch and take photos. Jonny pulled me onto his lap and I straddled him in my short skirt and kissed him. He then started to calm down and focus. He removed my top then reached round and unclipped by bra. With my breasts in his face he fondled their softness as he licked the nipples.

He then reached round my behind with one hand and started to finger my pussy whilst I was straddled on him. This got him excited again and he started tugging at his flies. 'Would you like me to suck you?' I offered, noticing the hard bulge trying to get out. 'Yes please!' he breathed desperately. Trying to calm this horny man down I undid the zip of his jeans, extracted his hard throbbing rod and placed my lips soothingly over the helmet. Jonny immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and lay back into the sofa, still fully clothed, not even having removed his blazer. I didn't suck him for long, just enough to calm him down. We proceeded to undress each other and I lay on top of him with his hard cock next to my pussy. After kissing for some time with his cock prodding dangerously, he finally said 'would you like me to fuck you?' A condom was produced and he fucked me with a renewed urgency and horniness. First I rode him, then he took me over the arm of the sofa. Then Dale called us through for dinner. 

We undressed again after dinner and resumed where we had left off on the sofa whilst Dale cleared up in the kitchen. This time Jonny ate my pussy whilst pushing his cock in my face. When Dale was ready to join in we all trooped upstairs to the marital bed. More fucking took place in various positions with Dale taking photos. Later Dale joined us on the bed and I had my husband and lover pleasuring me together. Dale got out his riding crop and started to whip me as I lay next to Jonny. He then cheekily touched Jonny's hard cock with the whip, which Jonny clearly loved. So he hit harder and Jonny reacted positively again. Dale seemed to be in his stride dominating myself and my lover with his riding crop. Jonny had always said he would dom me if I wanted but I had never encouraged him. I had always known he was sub, despite his insistance that he was switch. That moment proved that he was indeed very sub, much to Dale's delight.

I decided I wanted to cum for both my husband and lover at the same time. Again something I had always dreamt about doing for Ian in the marital bed. But it Jonny who was right here next to me in the bed and not Ian - it was time to move on and have fun with those who deserved it. I removed my Rabbit from my bedside drawer, inserted it and allowed the ears to vibrate soothingly on my clit, whilst my men provided me with additional stimulation. Receiving such undivided attention from more than one person had been something I was getting very used to! Then as I approached orgasm Jonny starting wanking over me. I reached an explosive climax which Jonny looked amazed at, then he allowed himself to let go too, and shot his load all over my breasts. Well of course Dale was right in there cleaning up with his tongue.

There was a lovely after-feeling as I cuddled between the two men. It was wonderful; there was no competition for me, no jealously, no guilt. Sexual freedom when explored properly is so enormously liberating. 

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