Saturday, 29 August 2015

Further desires for domination

After the first orgy at Bruce's party was concluded, we all congregated downstairs for a slice of pizza. I chatted to Bruce, finding myself drawn to his relaxed Autralian manner. There was clearly a connection between myself and this tall eccentric man, but I was unsure if I fancied him or not, and his approach towards me was very platonic. As we talked he took his flaccid cock out of his trousers, in an almost absent minded sort of way, and started to stroke it. Despite this being a sex party, his action seemed somewhat incongruous to the situation, especially as there was no suggestion or implication from Bruce that he intended to play with me. I made a tongue in cheek comment about him standing there in his kitchen with his dick hanging out of his trousers, and he responded by saying it was his house!

Before long most people were upstairs for round 2. I was lucky enough to be fucked by Alex again. He was a really good fuck and I really fancied him. However, I knew I didn't truly stand a chance with him and his bisexual wife, unless I learnt to fully appreciate women. Dale and I both enjoyed playing with this couple, but I knew Laura would soon tire of being fucked by Dale and only getting soft play with me, unless I completely let go from a bisexual perspective. And as much as I reckoned I could convince Alex that he should enjoy fucking me, I knew he would have to make sure his wife was happy. In the meantime I just enjoyed him fucking me with all his might from behind until he shot his load. Laura as always was by his side sharing in his pleasure and seemed to thoroughly enjoyed his explosive climax almost as much as him, and certainly as much as me.

I lay down spent on the bed and before long Bruce appeared out of nowhere. 'May I lick this pussy?' he asked me, but it was more of an informative statement than a request. I'd barely had a chance to agree before the host had his tongue between my pussy lips. I hadn't expected this. He had shown no indication that he was interested in playing with me, but this just made his actions seem so deliciously rude. He then pulled his face away, and slowly inserted a finger inside me. With calculated expertise Bruce's long figure immediately hit a G spot I hadn't realised was there. A few more slow calculated jabs of his finger and I felt my womb spasm. I started to trickle and on cue he gave a few more fast wiggles of his finger and to my surprise I gushed over the bed. I looked at my new friend with a new found admiration.

Then the Dom in Bruce came out. He produced his now hard cock from his trousers, rested his hand across my throat, then ordered me to suck him. Obediently I opened my mouth and closed it over his shaft. Laura and Alex appeared, Laura holding a wand which she proceeded to use on my clit. Alex watched intently as his wife pleasured me. Dale on the other side of me, having fucked two women that night, was for once in his life happy to sit back and watch his wife being used. My hands were restrained with luggage straps and I drifted towards sub space as Bruce held and released his hold on my neck, talking to me the whole time in a low Dom-like voice. 'Tell me you're a slut' he said softly, maintaining a hold on my neck. I starred back, helpless and unable to breath, but feeling strangely relaxed. The restraining and temporarily asphixiation forced me to completely relax my body thus deterring the otherwise inevitable discomfort. Bruce released his hold on my neck to allow me to answer. I shook my head instead. 'Tell he what a slut you are' he said in the same low voice but more assertively. He pressed my neck again, this time harder and more threatening before releasing. I shook my head again. 'Tell me what a slut you are' Bruce growled, lightly slapping my face. 'I'm a slut' I conceded. 'Good girl' he said softly again. He replaced his hand back on my neck. All the time Laura kept the wand vibrating soothingly on my pussy. When Bruce had finished tormenting me Laura switched off the wand and climbed on top of me. Kissing me gently on the mouth, I wrapped my legs around her body noticing how my legs slotted neatly into the dip of her waist, feeling so different from the straight body of a man. She told me that we should go to their house so she and her husband could tie us up and dominate us. She told me she would also fuck me with a strap-on. OMG! I felt completely blown away. It had never occurred to me that I could be dommed by a couple. Or more than one person for that matter. Given the aggression from Bruce, and that I was being used for others' enjoyment, I felt surprisingly relaxed. I liked being forced to submit. I also liked the attention I was getting from all these people. I had never realised how being dommed was the ultimate in personal attention.

After most of the guests had gone home, Bruce took his role as my prospective new Dom up a level. Dale and I were downstairs when Bruce came back inside following a cigarette. He leant down and kissed me romantically for the first time. I felt a chemistry between us. But he then grabbed my hair roughly before pushing me to my knees. I was then instructed to put my hands behind my back as he pulled his cock out again, and ordered me to suck him. 'Look at your husband whilst you suck me' he said slapping his cock up and down on my tongue. 'Tell him what a slut you are' he growled at me pulling harder on my hair until it hurt. I looked up at him with my neck contorted back due to the pull on my hair. Bruce slapped my face again when I refused to answer, this time harder. I was shocked, and wondered if this was going too far. 'I'm a slut' I whispered. 'Look at Dale when you say that' he demanded slapping me again.

Unfortunately I had to tell Bruce that he had taken this beyond my comfort level with the face slapping. To be fair to him he immediately appologised and assured me that he will not do that again. But the next day and for some days after I had an incredibly stiff neck. I had assumed Bruce, as an experienced Dom, had known what he was doing with the breathing control, which at the time had been enormously erotic. I felt it right to tell him he had hurt me, to which he also appologised for. I guess I shouldn't assume that an experienced Dom necessarily knows how to play safely, and I realised I was still looking for the real Fifty Shades.

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  1. very happy to have found your blog and really enjoyed reading this post. sorry it ended on a sour note......limits need to be discussed before play so there wont be any crossing of lines...