Sunday, 23 August 2015

The soft sweet skin of a woman

Dale has touched upon a party in May in his last blog, 'a cuckold's dillusion', where we met a couple in their fifties called Tony and Sharon. We have since met them at a number of parties, and Sharon was my first bi experience. She is slim, blonde and pretty, but her breasts are huge, and when I first met her I couldn't stop staring at her magnificent assets that she carried around so proudly. It was Mark who was yet again was the catalyst to getting things started, and upon Sharon and Tony agreeing to join the three of us, we all trooped upstairs to find a free room.

As Tony shamelessly fucked my face, I could see out of the corner of my eye Dale and Mark taking it in turns to pleasure Tony's wife. This buxom vixen was receiving a lot of attention from my husband and my lover as they fucked, licked and fingered her. After Tony had taken me, I turned my attention to the MMF going on next to me in front of an appreciaciative audience. Sharon was being taken from behind by Mark whilst she pleasured my husband in her mouth. I watched her beautiful large firm breasts swaying underneath her, and wondered if she would mind if I touched them. Dale soon tired of the cock sucking and turned his attention to what I knew were the biggest boobs he had ever played with. He told me they were amazing and suggested I try. I tentatively put my hand underneath her and gently fondled her smooth full udders. I found I couldn't get enough of them, and with my growing confidence I used both hands to kneed and squeeze these maginificent breasts, marvelling at their softness and weight. Sharon didn't seem to mind at all being groped by Dale and myself whilst my lover took her from behind. When Mark had finished fucking her, Sharon got up onto her knees. She then fondled and licked my own less impressive assets, telling me at the same time what nice breasts I had. Sitting cross legged next to her, I reached out and held her breasts in my hands, again enjoying the weight and softness. I then did something I had always desired to to - I leaned down and suck on each nipple. It was divine. I had longed dreamt of playing with such huge firm beautiful breasts. But it was the softness that completely blew me away. Then Sharon leant down and and licked my clit. She didn't do this for long and I was unsure about it. I wasn't quite ready to go this far with a woman.

Two weeks later we met Sharon and Tony at a private party hosted by a recently acquired friend called Bruce. I was pleased to see Alex and Laura whom we had played with at Jonny's party in April. Laura also has a beautiful body - slim with large breasts, although not quite on Sharon's level. I had admired her body the first time we had met, and had received enormous pleasure watching Jonny, my other lover, clearly enjoy playing with her boobs whilst she sat on his knee. Later I had wanted to touch her breasts but didn't know how to go about it. 

Bruce's party started off pretty hard core from quite early on, with a foursome quickly taking place between Alex and Laura, and another couple. Dale started to undress Sharon, whilst Tony removed my dress. I watched in amazement as Dale grabbed Sharon's enormous boobs from behind causing them to bulge out of her bra. I just had to join in. So I went up to her whilst her husband fondled me, and started playing with her. I then reached behind and unclipped her bra so that her magnificent breasts tumbled out. I was more confident this time, having played with her before, so I immediately took her boobs in both hands. Squeezing and kneeding her magnificent assets, I again marvelled at the weight in my hands, before lifting them to my mouth and licking her nipples.

Things developed. Dale, Sharon and Tony joined the foursome on the bed. I watched Sharon being fucked from behind by Carl, a black guy whom we'd met some time ago at Jason's hotel party. I could see my husband fingering someone's pussy, and Tony doing what seemed to be his trademark face-fucking! Alex, whom I had played with at Jonny's party and was keen for a repeat with, beckoned me over. But this orgy had taken place was too fast. I wasn't ready for this. Maybe I would never be ready for this number of people piling in on a bed. I needed a breather. I put my dress back on and went back downstairs. I returned a bit later with Dale, who had come to look for me. I assured my husband that I was fine, so he rejoined the orgy, whilst I removed my dress again and sat cross legged on the floor with only my knickers on. The group sex on the bed was slowing down, and Alex, whom I really fancied, was looking for his next conquest. I guess he was starting to realise that I needed a bit of chat before I would ever be willing to play with someone, so he came over and sat beside me on the floor.

'Hi' Alex said softly. 'Do you mind if I touch you?' I nodded and he reached out and cupped my breast. I remembered his gentle touch from Jonny's party. He then kissed my lips with equal sensuality. His wife joined us. She reached out and gently touched my breast too. I reciprocated by slowly touching her body. 'Oh wow, you're skin's so soft!' I exclaimed with surprise. I hadn't noticed with Sharon, because I had only played with her breasts and had been so blown away by that new experience. But Alex and Laura were being so nice and patient with my inexperience that I allowed myself to really savour the smooth soft feel of a woman's skin. 'I know' Laura said, and smiled clearly enjoying my relative innocence. 'It feels so different kissing a woman too' she told me. Then she leant forward and gently placed her lips on mine. I didn't respond, so she didn't push it. It felt weird. It felt too smooth and too soft.

Alex then kissed me and took me to the bed, now having got his second wind for the night. He fucked me in missionary position, then from behind. The whole time he was taking me, him and his wife were communicating. He told her how tight I was and she expressed her pleasure at watching her husband enjoy another woman. When Alex had finished I flopped back on the bed and realised the gorgeous buxom Sharon was lying next to me, also having been thoroughly fucked by someone. She turned her head and smiled at me, and very naturally our lips met. I experienced my second female kiss. But I still wasn't sure what to make of the soft lips on a smooth face, so difference from a man's. This will take some time getting used to.

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