Sunday, 19 July 2015

The big black lie (by Dale)

So I no longer wanted to be a cuckold. Although my earlier thought process was that I could have an active role in the swing scene and have my cuckold fantasies realised too, the life Master Jay had had in mind for me had completely turned me off cuckoldry. And now that Mark had shown me that I hadn't yet reached an age where the best I could do was sit in the corner watching young studs amuse my wife, I was chomping at the bit for more sex. MMF, MFF, group orgies, gangbangs. You name it I was up it all. The only thing I didn't want was to be cuckolded. That thought left me feeling cold, and bit by bit Sarah and I airbrushed all remnants of Master Jay and his followers from our life.

And after the first swing party with Mark, as described in the blog 'more about Mark', followed by a private party at Jonny's, as described in 'more about Johny', my mojo was almost back. However, I was finding the pace faster than it had been years ago when I was the young stud on the swing scene, and I realised I would need to be pushier were I to achieve any serious action. I was still very conscious of my age with so many fit thirty something year old studs having now taken my place. But I was not to be beaten, and I would not give in to what Master Jay had believed me to be. I did realise after all, that although the younger studs did indeed have an easier time, the swing scene was still full of older men all having fun with their wives, and fun that's a far cry from becoming an impotent cuckold !!

Two months after the party with Mark, we arranged to attend another party with him. We had been chatting online to a couple in their fifties in the weeks leading up to the party, so were delighted to finally make their acquaintance. Sharon was everything her profile promised - pretty, petite and slim with humongous breasts, easily a G! We were both panting with anticipation at the sight of her amazing body. Sarah did a great job warming them up; her first time chatting up a woman. Ironically Mark was the stumbling block, as Sharon and Tony had a "no single man" rule. There was a look of bemusement on Mark's face, who with his Hollywood looks and body, was not accustomed to rejection !! However, Tony, who was even older than me, probably realised what a good catch my relatively younger wife was, therefore was willing to break the rule that we suspect he had enforced to protect himself from being cuckolded to young studs like Mark. Wise man !!! And so the five of us had a mini orgy, egged on by a crowd of about about a dozen men, with Sarah enthusiastically having her face fucked by Tony, and Mark and I taking it in turns to pleasure the buxom Sharon. I realised with certainty what utter crap Master Jay had been feeding us !!!

A couple of weeks later we attended a private party hosted by another Dom, an interesting Autralian called Bruce, who was a good friend of Mark's. Bruce is cut for the same cloth as Jason and had somewhat overlapping circles. He too was in support of white women being slutty in the presence of black men. However, as a caucasian himself, was not in support of the sissification of white men. I realised that Bruce's approach was much more in line with my own ideas, and it did not surprise me to hear that Bruce and Jason were not fond of each other. Bruce's party was a fairly normal London swing party, with a mix of couples of different ages and interests. Tony and Sharon were there, and we were delighted to see Alex and Laura whom we had played with at Jonny's house party in April. There was another surprising blast from the past in the form of Carl, the young Black Bull who had shown interest in Sarah back in January at Master Jay's hotel party. He was delighted to see us again. His life had since changed somewhat, as he now had on his arm a delicious piece of young white posh totty.

It wasn't long before the action started, and Sarah and I were in the thick of it. Any thoughts of being Master Jay's compliant cuckold couple were long forgotten. The event of most significance for me was fucking Carl's girlfriend, Poppy. In fact, not only did I fuck the young white girlfriend of one of Master Jay's prize bulls, I also left her begging for more !!! And flying in the face of Master Jay's philosophy that the black men rule sexually, this BBC Bull didn't seem to mind in the least - Carl was far too busy elsewhere to be overly concerned! I realised that away from Master Jay's watchful eye, his Bulls probably didn't care about the sexual etiquette of black versus white. It was clear we were all out to have a good time regardless of race !!

I had for some time become disillusioned with the interracial sex scene. Sarah had always been indifferent to race anyway, although was prepared to do it for me. My initially thinking had been that a Mandingo party would be full of fit, well-hung specimens with smooth velvety skin, ready to service my wife as I had long dreamed of. The reality was that the BBCs of Mark's quality were few and far between. After twice being hosted by Master Jay we were leaning towards a view that most of his so-called Black Bulls would have stood little chance on the regular swing scene had they been white, and the success of some of these otherwise ordinary men was completely dependent on a current fashion for white women to fuck black men irrespective of other redeaming qualities they may hold!

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy my wife being fucked by a black man. The skin contrast is hugely erotic and I love that rhythmic way that they move their round backsides. We have since chatted with other people who have enjoyed Master Jay's parties, amongst other interacial parties. They enjoy them for the same reasons I may have done, had it not been for the negative impact he had on us. Like me many husband's like to watch their wives being fucked by BBC. They are happy to sit back and watch for the night. This does not make them sissy cucks, and on another night such husbands, including myself, expect to be having fun themselves.

But I agree with Sarah that there has to be standards. There are many white men that my wife would not touch with a barge-pole, so why should she expect any less just because the man is black.  If I want to see Sarah fuck a black man, then I will handpick the best, in the same way I handpick the best white men for my wife. And this can well be a achieved without us having to attend the type of party where the only role for me is to be a sissy cuck !! I want to play too and discovering that I can still play, it has become clear to me that the interracial sex scene, with its BBC obsessed woman who won't give me a look-in simply because I'm white, has absolutely nothing to offer us!

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  1. Hey Dale (and Sarah)
    As someone who once fell into the whole BBC domination thing myself (the wife got hooked first i just ended up following along) i fully agree with this post, it is stupidly easy to allow your mind to create fantasies inside your head that are being fueled by unrealistic online blogs/lying fantasists or porn on the subject

    Glad you have both left it behind like we did, enjoy swinging :)