Friday, 17 July 2015

A cuckold's dillusion (by Dale)

Our acquaintance with Master Jay, towards the end of last year, had placed us on the fringes of the Mandingo scene. My Twitter followers will be well aware of my long term fantasies around BBC, and I had initially embraced a friendship with Jason aware of the doors he could open for us. And with my interest in cuckoldry and Sarah's interest in being dominated, it seemed there could be winners all round.

However in reality, not only did I find the interracial sex scene not all it was cracked up to be, I also became increasingly disillusioned with Master Jay and his uncompromising pushiness. His insistence that I was in my heart a sub cuck and that Sarah was denying me a true happiness, that he believed I could only achieve through celibacy and completely subservience to her and her Bull's sexual needs, was irritating at best. But his latter marginalisation of me was something that I was not prepared to accept. I tried to keep a communication going, but it became obvious he had no time for me now that I wasn't going to be a compliant cuck. But instead of walking away, Jason continued to develop a personal friendship with my wife, whilst as good as blanking me. We had heard through a few independent sources that Jason had a habit of becoming fixated on a sub, and it had been implied that Sarah was his latest obsession.

observed for some months his bizarre hot and cold behaviour towards Sarah, who in turn seemed to take pleasure in teasing and winding him up. I tried to turn a blind eye and focused on generating fun elsewhere for Sarah and myself. Adamant that I was not the sissy cuck Jason made me out to be, I made extra strides to get laid ASAP. But more than ten years since I had last been on the scene, I found my confidence somewhat dashed; single woman clearly wanted either BBC, or guys under thirty, or other woman. They did not want fifty something year old white men, even though I am considered goodlooking and youthful for my age. Jason who is the same age as me, with an olive skin tone that could hardly allow him to pass as BBC, had probably figured this out too and hence had become a Dom. This way he was able to offer something that the more desirable younger men did not yet have the maturity to give.

I found an ally in Mark, Sarah's most recent conquest at that time. Although one of Master Jay's official Black Bulls, he had privately expressed his dissatisfaction with the interracial swing scene. With his exceptional good looks and sophistication he was a favourite amongst the women who vowed to be 'BBC only', as well as being very popular amongst women who were racially indifferent. However, he was tired of these one track-minded black cock obsessed women treating him like a commodity simply because of his race. His experience of Mandingo parties had also made him intimately familiar with the culture promoted where black men rule sexually and white husbands are sissified. And so acutely aware of what Jason had tried to do to me, this intelligent educated black man had made it his business to help restore my confidence as a player. Although we don't see so much of Mark any more, I am eternally grateful for the efforts he made to help me get back into active play, as described in 'more about Mark', and this help restore my confidence on the scene.

Two months on, Sarah and I are very much active players on the swing scene and we are loving every minute of it. Of course, at my age I don't expect to seamlessly move from woman to woman the way Mark does, and I accept that some of the younger single ladies may be out of the question. But I have certainly proved myself popular with many stunning Hotwives, and I'm glad to report that my cock has definately been appreciated !!! It seems that despite my age I have not lost my touch, and the thought of me sitting in a corner wearing a cage is now a bizarre concept.

The cuckold theme that Ian and I had explored for more than a year and a half had got right to the heart of my darkest innermost fantasies. Ian had understood what I needed, he knew what buttons to press without pissing me off. And when it didn't work out with Ian, I was initially prepared to try and replace him. But what Ian had spent so long developing in me, Master Jay managed to kill in a couple of months. The way I feel now is that I would only ever do this for Ian. There was a spark between the three of us that, had Ian's circumstances been different, would have made the dynamics for this special and unique type of three-way relationship work.  And as Ian doesn't want this any more, I will not be a cuckold to anyone else. Jason's warped and destructive ideas have ensured that stage of my life is over. 

Except maybe in my darkest fantasies, when I'm making love to Sarah in the privacy of our bedroom and she tells me a story.....


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