Monday, 10 February 2014

A BBC at last !!! (by Dale)

Well we went to a naturist club at the weekend and had an amazing time.  It was great seeing Sarah bare her body bar her tiny bikini bottoms and naturally had every male in the place drooling over her as she proudly displayed her breasts.  Compare to other women her age,  Sarah has got superbly pert and firm breasts, with piercings nicely topping off each pink nipple. What a sight seeing her at the bar fully on display.

For me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven as the number of black men very much outweighed the white population with almost every one worth pursuing especially compared to their droopy white competition. It seems to be the norm though for them to keep their bathing suits on rather than show off their beautiful fims asses and packet but perhaps they were trying not to intimidate the white boys too much who were happy to run around nude.

We spent a lot of time exploring the various steam rooms and saunas and just chilling in the pools. Naturally there was more than the odd hand and leg drifting across the jacuzzi to "innocently" rub against her. Sarah managed to get four offers of play which was a great achievement. The first from a young Brazilian student who was cute but a bit forward and well below Sarah's age preference. She likes a man to be a man!  The second and third from couples who for one reason or another didn't appeal to us. The forth and successful offer came from a man a bit younger than Sarah who on paper ticked every box, City type, educated, well mannered, respectful etc. In addition to that he was tall, black, perfect body, dark velvety skin. The only thing missing was the fact that meeting him virtually naked in a pool didn't give Sarah much time for flirting and relationship building, which readers will know is her prerequisite.  However, she was a brave bunny and, in honesty to keep me happy, agreed to pop along to the play room for some fun. She understood how much I needed to see this, but I'm sure she is formulating a quid pro quo to get something back from me !!!  I can see I will have to allow her a lone date with one of her lovers before long as her reward.

David had already been fingering my wife's freshly shaved pussy and tugging her nipples in the jacuzzi much to the pleasure of the eight Eastern European single men who were also in the pool probably wondering what magic this black stud had that they didn't. Where shall I start .......

Anyway, what an amazing site when we got to the playroom and David took Sarah in his arms and pressed his lovely full lips against hers. I was orgasmic seeing the contrast in skin tone as they both explored each other bodies...dark hands on milky white breasts, Sarah's small hand on his thick black cock with the pre cum dribbling out as he instructed her to squeeze really tightly at the head. It just got better from there. We think he understands the trinity that we have spoken about as he has been with couples before and mention that he wants to please both of us and make us stronger as a couple. Just what we like to hear.

Sarah very kindly allowed me to participate in the fun and I was lucky to enjoy her doggy style as she gobbled up David's cock - she does seem to like her spit roasting!!!! Sadly we didn't think our play would get that far so had no condoms to hand, so poor me didn't get to see Sarah's fat pussy lips impaled on his BBC, nor his beautiful firm ass ramming into her with that amazing rhythm all black men seem to have when fucking. The consolation prize was worth it though as he instructed Sarah to lie down while he shot his load on her tits. And what a load too. I was so tempted to clean it all up, but not knowing David well didn't like to presume without his permission. 

We have though exchanges phone numbers so hope to arrange some more play real soon. 

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