Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Keeping the smouldering embers burning

I texted Ian yesterday. Six days after I finally got him to commit to a date I felt I had to have my fix. I was matter of fact last week and he knew it, and I wasn't getting caught in that cyber sex trap. I needed to make a point after making us wait so many months.

But....now that we have a date less than four weeks away it is imperative that I keep the embers slowly smouldering by getting the poker out and adding a bit more fuel.

I usually leave it several weeks until I can't take it any more before I give in to the addiction, but this time it's different - we're actually going to meet! Oh gosh I hope this is not all in vain, and he lets us down again! I have a small but scary fear that Ian could be a cyber sex junkie playing a very nasty game on us.

Anyway Ian as usual was delighted to hear from me. We discussed how he expected me to be submissive to him when Dale and I meet him for a drink. He says that I will sit next to him in the bar and Dale opposite and he will caress my stockinged thigh, whilst we discuss what we might do on a later date.

" I think it will be really erotic for my hubby to watch you make a claim on me, as though I am with you and not him. Especially if you kiss or touch me in front of him. The real turn on for me is being mercilessly but subtly seduced by a charming and sexually confident man who knows exactly how to make me crave for him. However, I also like knowing I can make you crazy with desire. Like I'm red hot under the submissive exterior."

When we eventually get intimate he wants me to give myself to him and allow him control whilst Dale watches. He's keen for me to be more passionate and experimental with him, than with Dale (which I will because he's new). It makes me wonder if he is planing to eventually be my primary sex partner and partner of choice, as discussed in much of the the literature on this subject. Not sure how I feel about that.

He talked again about me talking him in my mouth and him having me on all fours, two acts that are clearly his obsessions, but I'm happy to do those. Although he goes on a bit, it's all fairly routine stuff, and he certainly hasn't ever mentioned anything that I may be uncomfortable with. I have agreed that I will work towards swallowing his cum. This will please him because he knows I don't do that with Dale.

We are seeing Jerry again the week before Ian, so if Ian doesn't work it doesn't matter too much. Although Jerry isn't really a Bull, he's great fun and even greater fun in bed, So I hope Ian won't expect me to give him up. Dale suspects Ian will work on me being exclusively his over a period time. I think this is true - he plays the long game, but expects to get his own way and ultimate control in the end. I also think he knows how to play with the mind such that I would eventually willingly give him what he wants. Patience and time are Ian's tools. That's why he's happy to spend months grooming me via text messages and not meet me until I am truly gagging for him.

 Anyway, I've had my fix now, fed my addiction, and I feel relaxed that fire is still burning....

To find out what happened when we met Ian read 'Interviewing our Bull - the real Ian'

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