Saturday, 31 May 2014

Fanning the fire with another hypnotic seduction

I had not been very happy of late with my relationship with our Bull. It had been over seven weeks since he had made time for us. Although he was not totally to blame for diary clashes, he does seem to be away most weekends. We had a bit of text banter when he returned from holiday, but I had the distinct impression that he was distracted, and that it was going off the boil. Dale had had a better response from him - either Dale's timing was better, or Ian enjoyed chatting to Dale more. Certainly, though, Dale was better at pandering to Ian's Bull fantasies than me!

After Ian's promises in April to come to our house for dinner and have me in our marital bed, actually pinning him down to a date turned into the usual (and now expected) frustration. Dale, who has always run his diary even more rigidly than me, has now accepted the situation and the way Ian is. He keeps telling me to stop worrying. However, that it easy for Dale to say when it is not him Ian is fucking!

Anyway I couldn't stand it any more - I had to have Ian again, had to feel his bare cock inside me  again.  I had to fan the fire before it went out!

So I went into London mid week, having managed to get Ian to agree to an after work drink. I spent the entire afternoon getting ready for my Bull, but Dale and I couldn't get hold of him by text message to find out what time and where we should meet. I was on my way into London by the time I eventually heard from him. I was relieved, but also incandescent. I realised that he had probably been in meetings most of the day, but I had become very disillusioned recently with his elusiveness and lack of proactivity when it came to making arrangements.

In addition, I had become acutely aware that I don't fancy him. I don't really understand it, but what I feel for Ian is a different type of sexual attraction, based on his manipulation of my mind - him making me believe that I want him. Nobody has ever had that effect of me before. But if it is not real, then I know I will come back down to earth when I realise he is really just a normal guy. This is not the case from Ian's perspective - he is hugely attracted to me and has told me many times. Which is good, as it is the only thing I have over him!

As I travelled into London that afternoon, I was thinking that I should probably fuck him a few more times in an attempt to get him out of my system, then wind it down - it was starting to seem more trouble than he was worth. Although Dale pointed out that Ian was clearly having a particularly busy few days with his business, I was absolutely fuming by the time we walked into the bar.

To give Ian credit, like last time, he had actually selected a superb venue, and he was even waiting for us in the lobby when we arrived. I was still swearing under my breath as he kissed my cheek, but I very quickly felt my anger disappear as he took smooth control by finding us a secluded spot in the basement, then swiftly going upstairs to choose the wine. 

Dale was in the bathroom when Ian returned with a bottle in a cooler and three glasses. As usual I felt shy in his presence because he makes me nervous with the mind play. I told him as such as he poured my wine, which I'm sure gave him an immense thrill at the control he had over me. But my anger was gone now. He was being so sweet, nice and attentive that I realised, that whatever was going on in  his life that caused such elusiveness, for now his attention was on me. He told me I looked gorgeous and he gave me one of his looks that tells me, in no uncertain terms, how much he wants me. And for the first time I realised how attractive he was - that maybe I was starting to fancy him just a little.... 

Ian sat on the sofa next to me, but I kept a respectable distance between us - after all he's made me chase him so much for so long, I feel it's up to him to turn it around when we meet. Dale came back from the bathroom and sat on a chair opposite us, and we all talked about vanilla stuff, whilst we waited for the effect of the wine to relax us. As usual Ian was true to form with the smouldering 'come to bed' way he looks at me. Despite the normal conversation, at intervals he would 'make love' to me with his eyes and mouth, then leave me squirming with desire as he went back to talking to Dale.

I was wondering if this tease would go on all evening, as it had last time. We edged closer on the sofa and started touching each other's hands, and he watched me get more and more turned on by his deliberate hypnotic seduction. Then at last he took it up a notch. I felt his hand subtly brushed the underside of my breast on the outside of my skimpy top. This act had a psychological effect on me that almost gave me an orgasm. It wasn't the touch, it was the mind play. Dale and Ian watched in amazement at my reaction, which nobody has ever done to me before.

I then pulled out his shirt and explored his firm body and teased his nipples, like I did when I saw him last. He remained more in control this time, but I knew I had got to him because he said "You're trouble, you are", which he always says when I turn him on. Then I cheekily slipped my hand into his suit trousers and inside his boxers to feel his cock, which I had been dying to touch.

Then later after one of his teasing kisses, which this time I didn't have to ask for, he touch my breast again. This time he cupped it gently over my clothes and teased the nipple. I thought I was going to cum there are then, the effect was so profound. He continued to rub his thumb over my nipple as I continued to breath heavily in an uncontrollable state of euphoria. Then he moved his hand to my stockinged thigh and brushed his fingers over my knickers which were getting wet.

The persistently smouldering fire had once again burst into flames!

Being a week day there had been no point in booking a hotel, so we yet again had nowhere to go, except his office. But although we all desperately want to do this properly, I do find it somewhat kinky to be having sex in a darkened office late at night. 

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