Saturday, 31 May 2014

Second cream pie from Ian (by Dale)

Well that was delicious.

After another evening of wine and food in yet another stylish City bar, our Bull escorted us, for the second time, to his deserted office. This time we were more familiar with one another, so it flowed much better, and I had the infinite pleasure of sitting back and watching Ian service my Hotwife whilst I gently wanked.

I sat in one of the chairs and mentally prepared for the show. They stood in front of me, and Ian took my beloved in his arms, and they came together with passionate kisses, as he lovingly caressed and explored her body, his hands moving gently over her breasts and her bare shoulders. She in turn undid the buttons of his crisp white shirt and started to explore his lean torso with her mouth and hands. Eventually his desire overcame him and he expressed that he "had to taste her".

He went to get a chair for her, and she obediently sat down and opened her legs as he knelt at her feet in preparation. After removing the new Victoria's Secret panties, that I had bought her to wear for Ian, I watched as his mouth became quickly glued to her clitoris. They looked so natural together. Sarah could not control herself as he expertly waggled his tongue over her clit, teasingly ignoring her wanting vagina. I'm sure the building cleaners must have heard her moans, and unlike our time with Jerry, Ian was unphased and allowed her full vent of emotions. 

Then, being a gentleman and not forgetting me, Ian instructed Sarah to suck my cock. I was very grateful, as Sarah had told me that she expected me to just sit and watch. It was a pleasure to feel my wife's warm soft mouth nursing my semi erect penis, as she knelt on the floor to service me. This didn't last long, though, because when she paused to look at Ian, who was standing behind  her gently teasing her wet pussy with his fingers, she saw that he had taken his trousers off and was offering her a stonkingly hard throbbing cock, which put my semi soft offering to shame. He simple said "my turn", and she obediently turned 180 degrees to kneel for her young lover.

On reflection, though, rather than Ian being a considerate gentleman, I think this was a shrewd tactic to contrast the cuck with the Bull, not to mention commence his psychological domination of Sarah. 

Well I can honestly say that I have never seen Sarah give head so enthusiastically. Porn star quality with slurping and gagging leaving Ian and I agog. In fact, she was so frantic, several times Ian had to urge her to slow down!! Furthering the domination theme, Ian instructed Sarah to put her hands behind her back. This she willingly did without batting an eyelid. Although we had questioned after last time whether Ian was really what he'd made himself out to be, we now realised that he'd just started us gently. We could see the Dom Bull creeping more and more into the scenario. 

Finally, he could take it no more. He stood Sarah up and took her out of her skirt, and then so keen to fuck her, he commanded Sarah to "bend over", before he had a chance to remove her top. She obediently tuned back 180 degrees and rested in my lap as she presented her Dom with her shapely backside. Not rushing things he took ample time to tease her opening by placing his cock head on her pussy lips. She was half heartedly sucking my still semi erect cock, but the feel of his stiff rod behind her made her completely lose interest in me, and I watched her squirm and wiggle her hips back trying to catch his hard youthful cock. He would not be rushed and made her beg for it.

Still standing, he finally put her out of her misery, and plunged is sizeable instrument into her pussy, with exclamations as to how tight she felt. She was still bent over my lap, but she had now forgotten me, now that this experienced young stud was talking care of her desperate pussy.

Then, Sarah completely surprised Ian by going down on all fours, taking him with her so that they didn't miss a stroke as they repositioned. I remained sitting in my chair wanking whilst my wife was fucked at my feet my her lover. I watched Ian caress her back and ass, commenting all the while on how nice she looked in that position and how tight she was. 

A couple of things stood out in my memory, which I am sure will be expanded upon later. Firstly he gave Sarah several whacks on the ass cheeks, which sent her wild and begging for more (she loves her rough play does my Sarah).  Secondly, he licked his thumb and suggestively prodded her anus, which she also seemed to enjoy.

Her tight pussy seemed to be doing the trick, and before long he was ready to cum. As he held my wife round her waist, pulling her deeper over his cock, he instructed her to look up at me. This she did and I saw the look of exquisite pleasure on her face as she experienced the pulsation of his cock as rope after rope of fertile sperm was delivered into her naked womb. 

As they broke apart I couldn't wait for my reward. But then Sarah did something totally out of character and demonstrated to us both that she was now a true Hotwife. Feeling she had not had enough of his cock, she leant over his supine body on the floor, and greedily started to suck his still hard cock. "Darling, you look so pretty" he gushed several times, emotion yet again temporarily getting the better of this Dom Bull, as she cleaned up their combined juices.

At the same time I dove into her spread legs and licked every drop of Ian's cum from her bare pussy. 

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