Sunday, 11 May 2014


Ok, so it all got very extreme with Ian. Unexpectedly consummating the relationship in his office with fluid bonding, followed by cream pies and pregnancy risk. Click here for a reminder.

I felt very negative and a bit upset after we said goodbye to him that night. I was convinced that now he had fucked me we wouldn't be seeing him again. Dale thought I was crazy, because he had just given me a passionate kiss and hug goodbye, and from the way he behaved with me in his office it was obvious he was smitten. Then I reflected, that perhaps after having sex with him, I was realising he wasn't all he was cracked up to be. Or more accurately, not all we'd built him up to be! What both Dale and I certainly agree on, he definitely wasn't the big hard Bull he'd made out to be. Maybe I'm in love with the fantasy, and the reality is just not that great.

Ian was on the text messages to both of us the next day and Monday when he was back at work. He must have been keen as he usually holds back and makes me chase him. So we sexted for most of the day, whilst he was sitting in the very chair I was in when he ate me out. We relived the experience of how we had enjoyed his big bare cock stretching me and filling me. He wants to come to our house next time, so he can have me in our marital bed.

So he was back to being a Bull again. I felt better. Maybe he had allowed feelings to run away with him that night. But now that he had pulled himself together,  I felt I needed to feel his bare cock inside me again. The obsession was back.

However, following his enthusiasm about coming to our house, I tried to get that arranged, and got his usual ASAP. For the rest of April our diaries completely clashed, and from a text conversation Dale had with him last week, its now been concluded that due to commitments on both sides that we won't be seeing him again until probably June. I'm really hacked off about that. I also feel that more recent text conversations with him have lost a little of the spark compared to the passion expressed immediately after the event. I feel I need to see him again to get it back on track. Ian's on holiday now though, so there will be no sexting for a while.

In the mean time, we realise that it is futile to wait for Ian to be available. I have been in touch with Jerry, who is chomping at the bit for what he describes as  more 'naughty play' with with me. It's been over four months, but I too would thoroughly enjoy a repeat with Jerry. Click here for a reminder of the threesome with Jerry. In fact in many ways I like Jerry much more than Ian - more straightforward, easier to talk to, more manly demeanour. And not to mention great fun in bed. But, he doesn't do the mind play that Ian does, which makes him a refreshing relief, but also means  the excitement will never be on quite the same level. Unfortunately Jerry he is also on holiday, so I am a quite frustrated.

Dale keeps telling me that this is why I need a stable of lovers. He is actively searching for more Bulls. So far we have had 2 dates with different guys, who were both extremely nice, but there was no chemistry with either. Dale is now 'interviewing' others.

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