Saturday, 26 July 2014

Becoming Ian's sub

This  is the first of a 4 part series detailing our date with our Bull at a naturist club.

So it seems that Ian is to be my only lover - we gave up on Ed months ago, and have now binned Jerry, and we can't find anybody else who makes the grade. In the previous blog about Red Herrings, I concluded that longevity leads to trust. I now accept that it is part of the game with Ian that I have to text him, that I have to chase him. I used to think he wan't interested, but over time I realise he is smitten with me, and that us, as a couple, give him much of what he needs. This trust that has built up over time, despite our frustration at his ellusiveness, led me tell him I wanted to be his sub. I trusted him that he would go at the my pace, and would not ask me to do anything I wasn't ready for. 

But after a number of lengthy text message conversations over the past few weeks, leading up to our forthcoming date at a naturist club a few nights ago, I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I had been looking forward to him tying me up and blindfolding me in the privacy of our bedroom (if he ever makes the time to come to our house). However he was looking forward to me sucking other men's cocks under his instruction, whilst Dale watches. He told me that I would be rewarded with his cock and his tongue if I was a good girl and obeyed him. He says that he is in charge, but that I am allowed to be feisty when it as just the three of us. However when others are there, both myself and Dale were to obey him unquestioningly. He confirmed to me that when being introduced to others, I would be his Sub and he my Dom and Dale the cuck hubby. I loved the way he talked to me, but I wasn't sure if I was ready for the stuff he was speaking about. I felt disillusioned - I had trusted him to go at my pace and he had always promised that he would go one step at a time. Upon my request to be his Sub he had gone up several gears. I started to fear that this would all blow up and it would be me that gets hurt.

Then the night we were to meet in the naturist club, he made it worse by telling us to meet him there, instead of going for a drink first as we usually do. His tone was bossy and it unnerved us. Dale intervened and insisted we go to a pub to relax ourselves first, so Ian backed off. In the end he got his own way - due to our decision to drive into London, we got caught in the most horrendous traffic and were embarrassingly late. Ian told us he would wait for us in the club. He said his phone would be in a locker but I was to come and find him dressed in a towel and then expose myself for all to admire upon meeting.

Well that was just great. I had got all dressed up for him in my new mini skirt, new heals and I very low cut top with a push-up bra. I knew I looked amazing. I really wanted him to see me looking so good. Our lateness also completely played into his hands as he now had an hour on his own at the club to find men for me to suck. I was extremely unhappy with how this was going. Dale reaasured me that his text messages were just talk, just him expressing his fantasies, which he always does, and that when we meet him he will be nice and gentle as usual. I hoped Dale was right.

We entered the club and stood by the changing room searching for him in the bar area. He saw us and come over. Exellent, I thought he will see me in my new outfit. He put his hand on my waist and leaned in close to kiss my cheek,  then said softly but authoritatively 'So are you gonna get changed?' I immediately obeyed and scampered into the changing room at this intruction. OMG, what's he going to make me do tonight, I thought.....

Find out what happened by reading the next blog, 'Reacquainting with our Bull'.

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