Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reaquainting with our Bull

This is the second instalment detailing our date at a naturist spa with our Bull. If you haven't already part 1, 'Becoming Ian's Sub' is recommended.

After initial chit chat over a cup of tea, Ian lead us to the large jacuzzi. As he hung his towel on the hook, for the first time I had a chance to admire his firm muscular backside and thighs. I enjoyed the sight as he descended into the water. I removed my towel for the first time that night and, topless, I followed him across the pool, self-conscious at of all the eyes on me.  Dale positioned himself on the opposite side giving himself a good view of whatever Ian intended to do. My younger lover wasted no time in getting me turned on by caressing my thigh and stroking me between my legs on top of my bikini bottoms. "You wouldn't ask me to do anything with any of these men, would you?" I asked. "Of course not" he reassured me. I relaxed. I could trust him to make the right judgement. It was a bad selection that night so I was glad we were on the same wavelength when it came to taste.

It was a strange moment, sitting in such close proximity to my lover, with my husband out of earshot. I felt nervous. Although Dale gets on with him Ian, I personally find him hard to talk to. He does not have an outgoing personlity which would put me at ease. Instead he is quiet and calculating. I also believe both of us a were being careful not to get too emotionally close. "Its good to see you again" he said softly. I asked him why he didn't want to go for a drink first. His answer was simple - he didn't want to wait to have me! Then, as if to prove his point, he suggested we go to a room. I wanted to have sex with him very much, but the teasing and seduction that I need were missing - he was launching straight in. I said we would go shortly, so he continued to play with me; stroking me between my legs, cupping my breasts. Everybody in the pool were loving the show, especially Dale. "Do you like that?" he whispered several times, knowing very well how much he was turning me on. I asked him if he was hard, so he suggested I find out for myself. I reached over to his cock, which was getting hard, and I pulled back his forskin, so I could gently tease the sensitive head. He started to breathe faster and his eyes glazed over. And I knew that, for just a moment, the control was with me.

Not long after, Ian led me, with Dale following, to one of the rooms (a trip down memory lane, as it was the same room that I had sucked off David, the beauiful black man, some six months back). My Dom positioned me against the wall and gently started kissing my mouth followed by my neck, ear, then nipples. I was in seventh heaven. Then he instructed me to sit on the edge of the couch. I knew the pattern now - his sizable hard cock was once again in my face and I understood that he was expecting his customary blowjob. I performed to the best of my ability, first sitting, then kneeling. Then I proceeded to lick his nipples. He gently eased me back on the couch and lowered his head to expertly lick my freshly shaved pussy. Pushing and rubbing his jaw and tongue hard against my clitoris, and purring with enjoyment, I wondered if this skillful experienced lover had what it takes to be the first man to make me cum from oral sex.

Then he moved forward over my body and passionately kissed my mouth whilst his super hard cock hovered enticingly at my now dripping pussy. I kept raising my pelvis trying to catch his delicious cock, but he teasingly kept it at a distance, as he suckled on my aching nipples. Eventually I coudn't take it any more. I grabbed his firm arse and forced him into me. He smiled mischieviously clearly enjoying my obvious desire and need for his cock. He then started to gently make love to me. I was frantic with passion as I tried to pull him into me deeper, whilst he teasingly resisted. "Don't worry, I'll fuck you hard in a minute" he reassured. I raised my legs higher and higher in an attempt to get him deeper into me, until I had my legs right over his shoulders. Dale looked on in amazement. And then he finally started to take me hard. "I need this" I gushed several times, feeling the intense relief of finally getting his cock fucking me hard and deep, after a very long two month wait. "Are you mine? Tell me you're mine" he breathed with urgency as he fucked me harder and harder. Then he intructed me to turn over. Once on all fours he plunged his big cock into me and took me full throttle, with the occasional slap on the arse for emphasis. I loved every second. Unfortunately he loved it a bit too much too, as it wasn't long before he shot his load into me.

Then, as part of the now developing routine, I lay back for Dale to clean me. As with last time I turned my head to clean Ian's cock, and give myself another tentative taste of our combined juices. Dale however complained that he wasn't getting enough of Ian's cum as he had clearly deposited too deep inside. I suggested squatting and trying to push out his seed with the help of gravity so as to give the hungry cuck a bit more. At this suggestion Dale gleefully told me to sit on his face. Ian looked on with delight, as I carefully position my cum-filled pussy over my husband waiting mouth and tongue.

What a wonderful reaquaintance with our Bull! Read the next blog for the raunchy details of round 2.

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