Monday, 25 August 2014

A spit roast with cream on top

After some amazing and much needed sex, as described in the second instalment, 'Reacquainting with our Bull', of this 4 part series, the three of us cooled off in the garden and enjoyed the warm balmy July evening. It wasn't long though before the three of us were back in the room for round 2.

To our surprise Ian suggested that Dale and I make love. Feeling somewhat self-conscious at being asked to do this in front of another person, we tentatively came together in a loving kiss. Dale moved his hands over my body the way I like, whilst Ian leant against the wall gently wanking. We lowered ourselves to the couch kissing passionately as our bodies entwined. I enjoyed Dale concentrating on squeezing my breasts and teasing my nipples with his mouth and fingers. Dale knows I like lots of attention on my breasts, and Ian watched intently, perhaps  learning some tips on how I like to be played with. Then out of the corner of my eye I observed the horny voyeur slowly moving, with cat-light steps, towards us, clearly not being able to resist joining in. I felt his hand gently stroke my calf as he sat down on the coach. I then became aware of Ian shifting around the couch and settling at my head. I could feel him stroking my hair. Dale moved on top of me and we started to make love, as Ian watched. I then requested Dale take me from behind. Dale, conscious that this is Ian's position with me, asked his permission before turning me over. I soon found out why Ian was so keen for me to be on all fours for my husband. He had already positioned himself by my head so that he was ready for me when I turned round. As Dale plunged into me, I found Ian's cock suggestively in front of my mouth. Ian took a firm hold of my hair, and I realised what was going to happen next.

As with my spit roasting with Jerry, back in January, I found I couldn't get enough of this. Dale banging into me with his big cock as I gobbled Ian's equally big cock, my hunger so extreme that I kept taking it so far into my mouth that I gagged! How lucky I was to have 2 well-endowed men taking care of me! Dale started to spank me hard, and I requested he do it even harder. This got me really fired up, and when I took a breather from Ian's cock, I expressed to him how much I wanted him to come to our house and put me in a dog collar. "I could lead you round" Ian volunteered with passion. "And then I want you to whip me with a riding crop" I informed him, suspecting that I was now pushing Ian's boundaries. But I didn't care any more because I really need this from my Dom.

Ian has very specific interests regarding domination, and they primarily involve group and public sex. From a previous conversation I have seen him visibly wince when we told him how Dale has created red stripes across my arse with a crop. Just as Ian is trying to get me to the space where I pleasure other men under his instruction, I am trying to get him comfortable with whips and bondage. He is up for spanking me, but he once said it won't be hard. Hopefully he would see how much I was enjoying Dale spank me hard.

Once my two favourite men had thoroughly roasted me on the spit, I looked up at my Dom, whilst my husband was still fucking me from behind. It was extremely hot in the room, and we were all sweating. My smooth ironed blond hair hung in sweaty unruly tendrils around my face, though Ian was still holding on tight to the rest of my hair. I'm sure I looked extremly well used! "Hello" Ian said to me several times in a childlike voice, as though he were talking to a pupply or a very cute small dog. I continued to look up at him whilst Dale continued fucking me. Eventueally my Dom instructed his bitch on heat to lie back so both my men could play with me. Dale, who knows what I like, started to roughly tease one of my nipples and pull on the piercing. I suggested Ian do the same to other other side. He tentatively took hold of the ring, which he had always avoided before, so I asked him if it worried him. He said he didn't want to hurt me. I guess this guy simply doesn't like anything that may cause pain. Perhaps I will have to teach him how exquisite sexual pain can be. Perhaps I will have to teach him how to be a Dom!

Ian next encouraged me to lick both his and Dale's cocks at the same time. He asked me if I liked this, and I told him that I liked being worshipped by two men. He nodded approvingly, then informed me that he was going to cum on my face. My cuckold husband compliantly sat back to patiently wait for his second treat that evening. I closed my eyes then tentatively opened my mouth, as I knew, from many a text message, that Ian was looking forward to cumming on my tongue. But ever the gentleman, he told me to keep my mouth closed - he knew I hate the taste and texture of semen.  As he shot his load, for the second time that night, I regarded him with increased respect - he understood the importance of building me up slowly, not frightening me off. And with my sexy lover's cum all over my face, Dale immediately dived in to clean up - but not before I had stuck my tongue out of the corner of my mouth to sample a drop of Ian's sweet tasting cream. Mmm - maybe next time....

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