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Ian - Dom Bull or second husband (by Dale )

This is the final instalment in the 4 part series, detailing our fun with our Bull at a naturist club. Becoming Ian's Sub' is worth reading first, which will link you through to the rest of the series, which are very sexually explicit.

We were really looking forward to seeing Ian again, and we had finally managed to pin him down to a week-day date at the naturist spa. It had, as usual, been way too long between sessions, and after two months of ASAPs, mainly due to Ian spending large chunks of his life in Europe, we were worried that the trail was going cold again. It was Sod's law that the only two Friday nights he had been able to see us this summer had conflicted with unavoidable arrangements on our part. We never seemed to get this relationship to the level where we are a serious cuckolding couple. The two sex sessions, prior to this night, had only been snatched quickies - a far cry from what we were looking for from a Bull, and certainly not in line with the lifestyle Ian had outlined to us in over a year of texting.

The situation was made worse by Sarah and I showing up an hour late. This was out of character, but beyond our control. We felt bad, particularly, as for all of Ian's faults, he is pretty reliable when it comes to time-keeping. So it was not a good start to the evening, especially as it meant we had to meet him in the club, as opposed to relaxing first over a glass of wine in a bar. It had been important to us to reacquaint ourselves with our Bull in a normal environment and chat about normal things - just to reassure us that he was human !!! And more importantly, a drink first would have given the three of us the chance to agree expectations. The Sub-Dom stuff, in particular, warranted a face to face conversation so that my wife's lover did not inadvertently lead her directly to the lion's den !!! Sarah had been hesitant about Ian's persistent suggestions to play with other men under his instruction. What she really wanted, and needed, was a jolly good love-making session from this young stud - indeed she was desperate for Ian's cock again. But perhaps in a more 'normal' environment, than over his desk !!!  Yes, she fantasied about domination, but more along the lines of being tied up and spanked in the privacy of our house. Being instructed to suck someone else's cock was not part of her domination fantasy, despite it being part of Ian's. At least not yet !!!!!

A 'pre-play' chat, however, was not to be. And also, given Ian's recent enthusiastic talk about Sarah playing with other men under his supervision (which we were naturally very keen to maintain some control over), we were very conscious that our lateness also played well into his hands - Ian now had an hour on his own to find prospective play partners for my wife, or even to have some fun by himself !!! So you can imagine our surprise (not to mention relief) when upon arrival, we found him sitting innocently on his own in the bar area reading the paper - not the charging Bull he had made himself out to be in his recent text messages.

After a brief greeting, Sarah and I headed off to the change rooms, then joined Ian at the bar for a cup of tea. The  scenario was quite bazaar.  Months of texting about Sub-Dom games, multiple sex partners, glory holes and gang bangs, and here we were - the three of us, wrapped in towels, having a cuppa with the BBC news in the background !!!!  And not the BBC that I was keen for Sarah to enjoy !!

The first interesting moment for me was when we all moved through to the jacuzzi.  Ian led Sarah to one side of the pool. As space was limited I was quite happy to place myself directly opposite to get a front row view. I observed that Ian wasted no time in drawing Sarah close to him, and with the way that his arms were moving above the water and the closeness that Sarah was, I could tell that there was something going on below water. I was not privy to the intimate whispers between my wife and her lover, but the odd moan and eye rolling from Sarah told me, in no uncertain terms, that she was enjoying herself.  I was unconcerned, though, about what was being said as I do trust them. What was of more interest, and in fact fascinating to me, was watching the reaction from those around us !! One young guy tried gently to get closer to my wife, to see what was going on and perhaps thought there was something in it for him. He was though swiftly pushed out the way, when an old and rather disgusting man thrust his way between him and Sarah and immediately tried to touch Sarah up - the cheek of it !!! In fact I couldn't believe such a man would think he stood a chance with my beautiful MILF, especially when she was with the best looking stud in the club. Of course Sarah had none of it and told Ian to move over to distance herself from him. The old guy moved up to, and in no time Sarah was out of there. Ian and I had no choice but to follow.

I did though have one thought as we were leaving the pool. There was a couple that said  "hi" to Ian very enthusiastically as we entered the jacuzzi and were looking at Ian and Sarah throughout our first plunge in the pool. Also, a number of others that seemed keen to look at Sarah and Ian together, as if they were checking her out. I had this wild thought that Ian had set things up, so that a few of his friends were there having been promised play with Sarah!!! I did ask Ian this as we made our way to the private rooms, but he denied this completely. I should have realised that Sarah was just too good looking not to be stared at. Later that evening Ian did confirm that the first couple had indeed been interested in getting together with them, as the girl was bi and fancied Sarah. Ian however had apparently declined. I noted he also rejected a request at the door to the room to come and watch. Not quite what we had expected based on the text messaging prior to the evening !!!!!

Sarah has already described the sex scenes, in the preceding blogs 'Reacquainting with our Bull' and 'A spit roast with cream on top'. The experiences were thoroughly amazing especially as, in the second trip to the room, Ian invited Sarah and I to perform for him - something a developing compliant cuck like me had not anticipated !!!! The sex between us had a special charge as we performed in front of another man - a first for us.  It soon turned into a threesome as Ian clearly couldn't keep away, as an active participant I enjoyed every minute of it. My special treat was sucking Ian's cum off Sarah's face and neck which was the first taste I got of his cum in a natural state without being mixed in with Sarah's.  Something I enjoyed very much and look forward to repeating before too long. 

I must admit though that Sarah and I were both surprised at the pedestrian nature of the evening on the whole. Ian's texts had promised wild sex for her with other men and a compliant cuckold experience for me. The reality, however, was rather different. My wife's Dom Bull was extremely deferential to me. For example, instead of sending me to get drinks for us, as I had expected in my role as a cuckold, it was Ian who ran back and forth to the bar leaving me relaxing in the garden with my wife. After returning back indoors, Ian asked Sarah if she would like a cup of tea, but instead of asking her how she liked it, he sought me out whilst she was looking for three loungers, and asked me how she took her tea in order to get it right for her. It's the same when we are in a bar - always quick to take our drinks orders and make sure our glasses are full. These acts of chivalry in a man are always noticed and appreciated by Sarah, and will ultimately end in her giving more. But this behaviour is not the stereotypical behaviour of a Bull.

The whole evening ended earlier than we had anticipated, as Ian had an early morning meeting and wanted to get away to bed, sadly without my wife. So by 10 pm we were in the car heading home and basking in the glow of our fun. Though I understand my greedy wife had asked the poor guy for a third session, and had had to face a sheepish rejection from the spent Ian - he may be young but he's not that young !!!

Reflecting on our sexual encounters with Ian to date, and thinking about the text messages the three of us had exchanged in more than a year, I realise that the Ian of text land and the Ian of reality are very different. The former being the pushy and persistent dominant  Bull; the latter being a soft loving man - perfect gentleman to both of us, unrelenting attentiveness to Sarah, and respectful admiration of me.  Privately I wonder whether Ian is all he claims to be? Each time I expect him to drive the session forward and take the relationship to the next level, but now I'm starting to wonder if he is becoming more of a second husband to Sarah. Not that there is anything wrong with this, and I don't mind if this keeps Sarah happy - after all he makes her feel good, gives her a reason to dress up, and most importantly, gives her some fabulous sex. However, I feel that we are missing something in our lives by not getting the Hot Wife/Dom Bull/compliant cuckold experience that we had expected. I am wondering if he is not quite as experienced in this game as he makes out, and is endeavouring to stay one step ahead of us. In my darkest moments I feel that he will never truly deliver, and that there is a lot of mouth and very little trouser. On the other hand, maybe he is pacing himself as he slowly grooms both of us to the space where we will be ready. Only time will tell....

Since then, text messages amongst the three of us have continued to be hot and heavy as Ian relentlessly vents his fantasies on us. We're currently in discussions about getting a date for a swing club, so hopefully we will having something to post very soon.

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