Friday, 5 September 2014

... And badly burned (by Dale)

Sarah has outlined our introduction to the swing scene already, through her rose-tinted, wine-hazed eyes. Read the previous blog 'from the frying pan to the fire' for an update. As I was driving, and therefore only drinking coke and water, I can give you a more accurate view of the evening.

Unlike our last meet with Ian, we were in plenty of time at the pub, while Ian was a good forty minutes late. Like with us last time, this was not his fault and not within his character, but perhaps it was a bad luck omen. The three of us had a very pleasant drink in the pub, catching up on the past five weeks, and Ian outlining what the evening would hold for us. We had been a little nervous on arrival but, after this chat, felt reassured and were anxious to get to the club. At Ian's suggestion, we waited until the club had been open a good half hour before wandering over, to allow it to warm up a little.

Early signs were all very good. The owners were welcoming, the atmosphere excellent, and we were given a guided tour of the various playrooms. Upon returning to the lounge we met up with Ian, had a drink, and chilled on the sofa. There were very few people in the club at this point, but I noticed a couple of men opposite eying Sarah up. Ian suggested we finish our drinks and go for a wander. It was still too early for any activity, but somehow we wound up in the infamous cage room. Much to my surprise, I realised that three men had followed us into the play area, and when we went into the cage room, they quite literally ran into the adjoining  room, immediately shoving their hard cocks and hands through the bars, hoping for some action from Sarah. I knew from my discussions with Sarah over the past year that this was her worst nightmare. Ian had made a huge mistake. As Sarah has described, when she saw the cocks hovering threateningly through the bars she panicked. I'm not sure what Ian was trying to achieve - whether it was to push Sarah to her limits, with the belief that she would love it if she gave it a chance; or if he just got carried away with his own fantasy, which we are well aware is where he ultimately wants to take Sarah. I must admit I was very taken aback by this, as one of the reasons Ian works well for us as a Bull, was because he always seemed to have good judgement on when to introduce new things. But tonight he had gone from gentleman to inconsiderate charging Bull. I too found the cage room distasteful and not to be repeated - and unlike Sarah I am no novice in this scene !!

Sarah has forgotten that she had a second panic attack that night. Ian took us to a glory hole room, where he had apparently convinced her to agree to wank a disembodied cock. However, when we got there the room was taken by one greedy girl. So Ian took us to the other side where a man was being   pleasured. Sarah freaked again. So he took us to a bigger playroom, sat on the coaches where we thought we could have some threesome fun in public. Before we had even started, we looked up to discover five men drink in one hand, cocks in the other, all in a line within a couple of feet of us, waiting for a free show. And once again Sarah wanted out.

It was then that I realised that there was a ratio of about one woman to twenty men. We had been warned that that particular party night was for hungry girls, but we hadn't realised what this would look like in practice. Once again Ian's judgement had been wrong - this was the worst night to introduce Sarah to the scene. With all the men swarming like flies over the women, we were both out of our comfort zone.

During the course of the evening we had two sessions of alone time with Ian. I had decided to take more of a back seat, as this was Ian's night. Having done that, I did sense Ian had become very selfish in his approach to Sarah - the niceties had gone, and the language was bossy and pushy. He was determined to get his own way, and was not taking no for an answer. And despite the fact that Sarah had given Ian the right to be her Dom, she continually had to renegotiate the continually shifting boundaries. During out second session, when he finally took Sarah, he did not pander to any of her requests. He mounted her like a raging Bull with no preparation and  rode her to a volcanic conclusion. He cute habit of saying "thank-you darling" during lovemaking, was replaced by "that's so good, that's so deep, this is the best fuck, we're gonna go to the glory hole next!". Up until now when he climaxes, his face had been non-expressive. This time he looked animalistic!

The final insult was that Ian suggested we leave and get home before it got too late, shortly after he climaxed in Sarah. After a quick sit down and drink of water in the lounge, we headed to the locker room assuming we were all leaving. But when we got to the front door Ian kissed Sarah goodbye, and went back into the club. Why we are not sure. The minute we left the club and returned to the car, Sarah broke down in tears. She felt used, rejected and regretted being pushed into sucking a man to please Ian. She was convinced we had reached the end of the journey with Ian, and was thinking about dumping him. I guess I felt the evening was fine but not good, so her negativity dragged me down too, and my conclusion now is that the night was a disaster.

We have talked long and hard about it, and I feel strongly that too much emotional capital has been invested over the past year to walk away. There is an argument that he was simply in his comfort zone and acting like a proud strutting peacock. Also in fairness, we are conscious we may have led him on - being seduced into the text message banter where it is hard to know what is real and what is just talk. On reflection we never corrected him on the numerous times he talked to Sarah about the cage room, and Sarah had requested on many occasions to be his sub. I guess it sends a confusing message when Sarah talks enthusiastically about being bondaged and whipped, but freaks out at the sight of disembodied cocks through bars.

We have concluded that we are not ready to end the journey yet. We feel there are more adventures to had with Ian, and his behaviour at all our other meetings had been impeccable. But we will be on our guard next time.

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  1. You may have too much invested, and you may not be ready to end your time with Ian right now. But you certainly at least need a break for a while.

    However, my prediction is that you will continue to have discomforting experiences with him until you decide that you've had enough.