Saturday, 28 March 2015

Impromptu fun (part 1) - by Dale

We decided to change our approach and go for a nice English middle class boy who lives locally. The lengthy train journeys into London, followed by a crowded pub with nowhere to sit, to meet a man who doesn't buy his fair share of drinks, and nods his head like the Churchill dog as he wonders where the hotel is, was starting to become tedious. Or the mandingo parties, which of course have their place, but when one is married to such a snobby hotwife, who won't play unless the black man concerned is gym fit and intellectually engaging, I was starting to wonder what was in it for me with the interacial swing scene.

Jonny had reached out to us on numerous occasions via the swinging website. However, due to distractions from potential Dom Bulls and BBC fuck buddies, we had not realised the potential sitting almost on our doorstep. After an unexpected quiet period, we took a closer look at Jonny, and realised he may well be axactly what we were looking for. After a couple of weeks of intense texting, we finally arranged to meet him for an NSA drink in a quaint country pub close to where we live.

I was at the bar ordering drinks, when he came in behind and said jokingly "Hello Sir". When I heard the smooth Home Counties accent, I turned around to see an English gent dressed in a shirt and blazer. I knew right away that Sarah would be creaming her panties with this one, and my mind flashed back to the Mayfair pub just over a year ago and another public school English gent.

Once we sat down with our drinks and eyed each other up, I realised that, he was goodlooking and certainly up to Sarah's standard. For a former army officer, Jonny seemed unusually shy, and nervously knocked back his beer as we got to know each other. Maybe he was a bit overwhelmed, as Sarah is much better looking in the flesh. He is however very experienced on the swing scene and even hosts his own private parties, so we were sure he would convert the situation once he relaxed.

From the sideways glances I was giving Sarah, I could tell that she liked what she saw and was keen to get her hands on him. We were getting to know each, and all seemed to click, but I know Sarah well enough to realise that this guy wasn't stimulating her mind sexually. I kept hoping he would turn up the seduction, or else Sarah might lose interest. In the end I had no choice but to take matters into my owns hands. When he returned from the bar with the next round, I vacated my seat to go to the washroom, and suggested he sits next to my wife. Upon my return I was delighted to see Jonny's hand on Sarah's thigh carressing the lacey top of her stockings. My move seemed to be just what was needed, as he was now google eyed and breathing heavier. With a bulge nicely developing in his trousers I watched in awe as Sarah's hand crept across his thigh resting on his packet. He leaned over and gave her a sensual kiss. Well after this things really heated up, and I was given a front seat view of Jonny's manly fingers creeping up her thigh and exploring the womanly folds of her now wet pussy. Sarah was desperately trying not to moan too loadly as he fingered her clit. He naughtily offered her his fingers to lick, but as she declined, he enthusiastically sucked his fingers like an ice lolly, having his first taste of her juices.

We weren't planning on playing that night, but it became obvious that this was a golden opportunity for some uncomplicated fun with a goodlooking nice man, which we are now learning is a rare occurance. So it was off to the cars, and back to our house.

Ever the good host I went to make tea whilst Sarah, who was realising that she sometimes needs to take the lead, marched her new playmate off to the living room. By the time I got there they were already making out on the sofa. I sat oppposite on the chair as they caressed, and watched Jonny start to peel off her clothes. Eventually, Sarah could take it no more and unzipped him. At this point I had to get a closer look, and when I moved over to the sofa, Sarah had his cock deep down her throat, greedily devouring it.

However, Sarah likes her creature comforts and suggested we go upstairs to the marital bed. Part 2 soon to be published.

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