Monday, 23 March 2015

More about Mark

Dale has already written an account on our wild night with Mark two months ago in the blog, 'the floodgates open with a BBC'. Following a very successful repeat a couple of weeks ago, I thought I should express what I think of my most recent lover.

It is true that Dale found his first experience of his wife being taken care of by a black man, glorious beyond belief. And I can understand why. Mark is easily the best looking man I have ever slept with, and his chisselled body is beyond perfection. In fact he is everything a hotwife could want in a lover; gorgeous, sexy, confident, good company, perfect gentleman. And to top it off he fucks with an infinate energy and power that I have never in my life experienced! That being said, I had been in no rush to arrange round 2 with any immediacy. This drama free night of passion had been more than enough to keep me physically saited for a good while.

So instead, in the weeks that followed, I hankered after the psychological excitement provided by Master Jay. However, after the last party, where Jason attended to my psychological needs but left me wanting with regards to full penetration, I was hungry again for another good pounding from a fit young stud. The psychological mind-play, as I had experienced with Ian a year ago, could sometimes become too much - especially when I was always left wanting more. At times like this, the lesser exciting but drama free fun with Jerry had seemed appealing. One year on, a good pounding from my new fuck buddy, was exactly what I needed to take my mind off the desire to be dommed by Master Jay. And so I invited Mark to join Dale and I at the next party.

We had looked forward to this particular party. Although there appeared to be an overlap in the crowd that followed Jason's parties, these parties were unthemed. Dale is a gemini - after enjoying the role as compliant cuck at two of Jason's parties, he was now chomping at the bit for something different. He told me in no uncertain terms that it was his turn for some fun, and Mark had promised to help him out on his quest for pussy. I guess the smart guy understood that Dale needs to be kept happy if he is fuck Dale's wife!

Dale and I got talking to two other couples upon arrival, and we enjoyed sharing our experiences. I told them I had a date that night with my fuck buddy. But the look on the faces of these forty something year old MILFs, when my hot young stud eventually arrived, suggested that they thought they had been shown the key to the candy store! I realised there and then that I was expected to share my good fortune!

Mark was a great asset at a sex party; he knew exactly how to get a group of newbies playing. After warming up the dark haired MILF, with some light kissing and fondling, he passed her on to Dale. This was a good move - Dale may not have had the confidence to approach the attractive brunette himself, but with the lady of his choice now willingly submitting to him thus keeping him happy and busy, Mark was able to concentrate on his me.

I however was not interested in Mark, or being fucked for that matter. Instead I was fixated on watching my husband sensually kissing another woman and exploring her pussy with his fingers. I had never seen him do this before, but had fantasised about such a scene many times. Her husband sat on the big round bed, the other side from me, also watching in fascination. 

The blonde friend was itching to get involved. Eventually she could take it no more. She stripped off completely, and crawled across the bed like a cat who had just seen a saucer of cream. With a brief apologetic look at me, she proceeded to remove Mark's cock from his underpants and suck greedily. She'd clearly been waiting to do that since I had introduced her to this stud only an hour earlier. When she had had her fill, Mark lay her down, quickly rolled on a condom, and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. He then turned her over and he took her from behind with equal vigour.

I sat on the edge of the bed watching in amazement with the two husbands, whilst my two men played with their wives. I realised that if I select to take my time on the swing scene, then I will have to wait my turn! Dale was now engrossed in eating the brunette's pussy. The insatiable Mark, now done with the blonde, changed his condom ready for the next conquest. Dale quickly made way for the young stud, whilst another black guy moved in and took over fucking the blonde.

Soon, another couple joined the group on the bed, and Dale, with his new found confidence, got involved in a threesome. The blonde woman asked if she could touch me. I consented uncertainly, and felt even more uncertain as I felt her fingers explore me. Then the woman, who had recently joined the fun, turned to kiss me, as Dale and her husband both sucked and kneeded her ample breasts, as she lay on her back. The request for a kiss was a step too far though - watching my hubby play with such a curvaceous woman was incredible, but I had to conclude I really didn't like girl on girl!

Besides it was finally my turn with the popular Mark. Unfortunately though, I didn't have him for long, because he soon realised there was another woman on the bed that he hadn't attended to. The voluptuous woman, who has tried to kiss me, was now on all fours being fucked by someone whilst Dale played with a her large swaying breasts. Mark quickly changed condom for the unpteenth time and fucked her too. I was starting to lose count of the number of women Mark had taken in what had only been about half an hour. This was unbelievable. He never asked any of them, but yet every woman was willing!

Dale and I socialised for the next fews hours. Then towards the end of the evening we rendezvoused with Mark again. He had continued to be busy and very much in demand, but now with most of his sexual energy out of his system, he seemed ready for a more meaningful experienced with me. So we were back to the room with the round bed. Mark undressed, and started kissing me on the bed, removing my clothes at the same time. A large crowd started to form, and a number of men asked me if they could touch me.

Both naked, Mark lay on top of me and I could feel his cock nudging dangerously. 'Would you like it bare?' he whispered. 'No! put a condom on' I demanded shocked. He apologised and quickly rolled on a rubber. I was surprised at his suggestion; we have had enough conversation with Mark to know that he takes his sexual health very seriously, and always expects to practice safely. Dale told me later that he had asked him first if he could go bare with me, and that Dale had said it was up to me. With Mark clearly wanting a bareback relationship with me, I realised that he was probably hoping I would upgrade him from fuck buddy, and take him on as my main lover. For me, although sexual safety is important, the greater issue for me is the intimacy that bareback sex provides. Take away the physical barrier and the emotional barrier goes too. That was why I was so hurt by Ian, and why I have held back sexually with Jason. To share that level of intimacy with a lover is like touching their soul - a pathway I'm in no rush to repeat any time soon.

Dale sat down at the head of the bed, this time his turn to watch. Mark proceded to pound me for the next hour, first in missionary, then from behind. At one point Dale came fowarded and shoved his cock in my mouth, knowing how much I enjoy a spit-roast. But with the hard fucking Mark was giving me I couldn't focus on anything else, and just screamed with enjoyment. He only took a breather to lick my pussy. Then he inserted two or three fingers and stimulated me hard, until I felt that same familiar feeling as I had done with him in the hotel room back in January. My inner organs completely relaxed, and all of a sudden I squirted, leaving us both drenched. But in no time, Mark had me turned over on all fours until he shot his load into me.

Yet again Mark had left me feeling calm and satisfied. Unlike my experiences with Jason or Ian, I do not feel the emotional yearning for more after each session. This is good. This is what having a fuck buddy should be all about. Mark is intelligent, well-mannered and treats me well. He gives me drama free uncomplicated sex. There is no seduction, no mind games, just good quality hard fucking. Drop dead gorgeous men like Mark don't need to give these added frills.

But its not enough for me. I need the pychological mind manipulation that I get from Jason, or used to get from Ian. I want the added frills. I am addicted to the hypnotic mind-play, and will continue to strive to find this.......

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