Saturday, 21 February 2015

The increasing desires for domination (part 3)

That night Dale and I had a number of offers from black men for some fun, although there was nobody who, on first impressions, I considered worth sleeping with. I knew Dale was annoyed with me for being too fussy. But at the end of the night we got talking to a man called Chris. He had realised I needed more persuasion, and perhaps thought the investment of a bit more time would be worth the prize. He chatted to us for a considerable length of time, taking a softer, more gentle approach than some of these Bulls. I wondered if I should reward Chris for his patience, but more importantly if I should give my husband the treat he'd been hoping for all night.

Master Jay soon took the decision away from me. I wound up sitting on the sofa in between Jason and Chris, and Jason was clearly going to use this opportunity to turn me into the 'black cock whore' he and Dale had dreamt about way back in November. As both men stroked my thighs, Jason asked if Chris and I had kissed. I told him that I hadn't had his permission. Oddly (or perhaps naturally) I didn't feel I needed Dale's consent. Permission was duly granted by Master Jay, and whilst in Chris's arms, Jason pulled up my dress, pushed my knickers to one side, and started to finger me.

This was going well until another black guy crashed in uninvited, and started wanking at my head. Thankfully, Jason realised my discomfort and dealt with the situation. He then resumed fingering me. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason instruct Chris to put his fingers in my pussy. Discretely Jason's fingers were replaced with Chris's, and they swapped places. Jason was now kissing me, and exploring my body with his hands. Then he looked at me intently with his hazel eyes, and told me what I good girl I was, and how pleased he was with me. Master Jay doesn't dish out compliments liberally, so my pride swelled, and I hoped Dale would be please with me too.

As usual it wasn't long before Dale was bored, and wanted his next fix. He unzipped my dress and removed my bra, so that both my two men could enjoy me more. With my knickers pushed to one side and dress around my waist, I enjoyed Chris kneeling on the floor eating my pussy, whilst Jason sucked my nipples and pulled on the piercings. Dale held my hand throughout, stroking my cheek from time to time, in order to give me both comfort and encouragement. I was starting to wonder if we should go somewhere more private, so I could fuck Chris under Jason's instruction. Unfortunately, the beginnings of this threesome were brought to an abrupt end when Jason got called away. With Jason gone I immediately lost interest in Chris - at the end of the day, I need the psychological excitement to enjoy sex.

Being dominated by Master Jay that night was an experience that had fulfilled so many of my deepest darkest fantasies, and I was fast realising that I could become addicted to submitting myself to a Dom. I spent the weekend racking my brain for a way to become a submissive on a more permanent basis, but still maintain an inclusive role for Dale that he finds acceptable. At the moment there is no obvious solution. The best I can come up is to carry on as I am, enjoying the occasional D/s experience when I am lucky enough to get it. The advantage of not formalising an arrangement with a Dom is that Dale and I keep our sexual freedom, but the flip side is that a domination experience may be few and far between and certainly not guaranteed. If Dale and I were to be Master Jay's cuckold couple, I know he would be a completely devoted Dom Bull, a privaledge I don't get as his occasional plaything. But at what cost?

Jason annoyed me a few days later, when he told me that everybody could see that I wanted to be his 'married bitch'. I was itching to tell him how much he wanted me to be his married bitch. But I bit my tongue. I've long realised that it is futile to argue with him. Besides I know that would not be very submissive of me! He also told me that he won't fuck me unless it's bareback and in my marital bed. I am well aware that if and when that happens, then I will be well and truly owned and collared, and there will be nothing I can do about it!

On a positive note, my 'sub' talents obviously made an impression, because over the course of the week that followed, in addition to much BBC interest for NSA fun, Dale and I had two very surprising invitations. The first was from a former Dom, now cuck. It seems upon meeting Dale and myself, memories of his previous life were rekindled, and Dale has received an offer for us to be this man's cuckold couple. The second proposition was from another married white guy, normally a voyeur, but with dreams of becoming a Dom. After seeing me in action last week, he asked me to consider becoming his sub!

Obviously life doesn't work like that. Whereas it is relatively easy to find a fuck buddy, the unique chemistry required for a D/s relationship is much rarer, so I cannot see myself accepting either of these offers. But I was intrigued to learn that others are also seeing in me what Jason sees.

And I wait with relish to find out where the next stage of our journey will take us....

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