Monday, 2 February 2015

Back in the saddle and holding the reigns

Just over a year ago I wrote our first blog 'A New Year and back in the saddle with a bang'. It certainly seemed that way at the time, but reflecting back, we wasted way too much time on Ian. I now see that I was wrong to put all my eggs in one basket, when could have been playing. This year our New Year's resolution was to get into the swinging scene once and for all, and we would do this with or without Ian.

As with last year, 2015 most certainly started with a bang! And we thought, not only are we getting back in the saddle, but this time holding the reigns! The first weekend of the New Year found us at a private party in a hotel room, hosted by Master Jay.

Admittedly I did have my concerns as to what Jason was up to. He had become somewhat possessive recently - stalking me on Whatsapp demanding to know who I was talking to. And that's not to mention his bizarre comment about claiming me back from Mark at some point. He made no attempt to hide his annoyance when I said that Mark would be my lover. Jason was clearly regretting his matchmaking feats, but with a date already in the diary for Mark, there was nothing he could do about it. 

So we were unsure where things stood, but were delighted to be invited to one of Master Jay's private parties. Secretly I was really looking forward to seeing him again, and I wondered if he would play with me. I hoped he would, but I also worried that if this happened his claim on me would increase. I knew that if we had sex he would expect to own me.

Dale and I were the first guests to arrive at the hotel. We found Jason in the bar area. I was wearing the clothes Jason had instructed me to wear. As his kissed my cheek he moved in close, and I could tell from his body language he wanted to make me his that night. I still had my guard up so kept a polite distance. It wasn't long before two other couples arrived and two single black guys.

Jason was a perfect gentleman and host. After buying everybody drinks, we were ushered to a group of seating in a secluded corner. He instructed me where to sit, then promptly sat next to me forcing Dale and I apart. I realised he was making his claim on me for the night. But I was well out of my comfort zone, and not ready to be separated from by husband. Ever the gentleman though, Jason allowed me to swap places with him. So I ended up sitting between my husband and the host who clearly wanted me.

Master Jay was doing what he does well, and he was in his element; in charge and in control. His body language demonstrated to all that he had considered me his for the night. Fortunately, in view of the respect he seemed to command, I was confident no other guy would dare touch me without his permission!

For some time, Jason had raved on about his 'Black Bulls'. He had promised me unlimited sex with the fittest, most well hung, most energetic men in England if I were to become his subslut, but on finally being introduced to the some of them I was particularly unimpressed. Do you like that guy over there' he said nodding towards one of the black guys, who was taking an obvious interest in the new blood, clearly hoping the Master would be in a sharing mood. 'No!' I said somewhat indignantly. Jason knew very well what my type was. 'I know, that's why I invited him' he said smugly, edging closer to me on the sofa. Clearly he realised what a mistake he'd made with Mark, and would not be putting his more sophiticated Bulls in my path again. As Jason's arm snaked around me, I reminded him I that I didn't want him to own me. 'Well what makes you think I want you as my subslut?' he retorted back. Well at least that's been agreed, I thought. Whatever happens tonight, he knows he can make no demands on me.

Jason controlled the whole proceedings.  People were sent up to his room in small groups. Finally, he escorted Dale and I to the room. Never having been in this situation before I braced myself for what I might see. Action was well underway. The man who had been making eyes at me downstairs beckoned me to join in. I declined. Shortly after two other black guys and a single woman arrived not long after. Dale and I stood on the sidelines watching with interest.

Once Jason was satisfied all his guests were happy, he set to work on me. I was positioned against the wall and he started kissing me. His hands explored my body on the outside of my clothes, and fondled my breasts. His was gentle and sensual this time, very different from our more passionate kiss and grope in the pub carpark. Feeling a huge desire to give myself to this Dom Bull, I put my hands above my head to let him ravish me and do his will. When I felt his firm grip on my wrists above his head I started to move towards a submissive space. I looked over at Dale, whilst the Master kissed my neck. Dale's eyes fixated  on mine. Jason then released his grip and repositioned his hands back on my body. Slowly he moved his right hand down over my hip to my thigh, and I waited with anticipation as I felt his fingers creep higher up my skirt until he had moved my lace panties to one side. 'You're so wet' he murmured into my hair. 'You so nervous but you're wet for me' as he explored me with his fingers. Dale was watching intently. 'Tell Dale how wet you are' he commanded softly. Dale now had his hand in his trousers wanking furiously! In fact I don't think I'd ever seen him so excited.

I didn't have Master Jay's attention for long. Being the host I had to share him with the other women. He circulated the room like a feline predator, making sure each woman received equal attention. With growing sexual excitement fueled by jealousy, my eyes never left this Dom as I watched him give pleasure to other women. Jason never took his clothes off and nobody touched him, adding to his dominating mystique. His movements were graceful and he was in control reminding me of a matador. But I knew I was his girl that night. He frequently returned to me and I was the only one he kissed.

Whilst Jason was otherwise occupied, the man who had earlier invited me to join in, took the chance to make a pass at me. I declined Carl's persistent offer, but he still put his hand on my arse. I looked over at Jason for rescue, and he promptly moved over and subtly edged him out the way. Not wanting to cross with the Master, he immediately backed off. Jason sensed my anxiety. 'Don't worry' he said firmly. 'Nobody's going to touch you, I won't let them'. Jason proceeded back to kissing and playing with me, before doing his next circuit.

When I had my final turn of Master Jay, I became aware of of the unrelenting interest from the Carl. He was clearly determined for some new pussy that night. 'You're becoming such a good slut for me tonight' Master Jay murmured softly in my ear. If he'd used that kind of language by text, I would have been offended at what seemed aggressive language. But his liquid honey voice was even silkier than normal. His tone was as though he were saying 'I love you'. I wouldn't admit this to him, but I kind of liked it; it made me feel special. Carl was hovering dangerously close with his cock accessable were I to want it. 'You know this guy really wants you' said Jason softly. Carl smiled hopefully, gently stroking his cock. 'Would you like to?' Jason continued. 'NO!' I told him emphatically. 'Thats ok' he said soothingly. 'You see you had no reason to be worried. I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to. I've been a gentleman all night haven't I?' That was true. He knew he could have fucked me if he had wanted to, but he knew I was starting to have sub feelings for him, and he was decent enough to not what to mess me up in the head the way Ian did. 

In the early hours of Saturday morning Dale and I said goodnight to our lovely new friends. Master Jay gave me a sensual kiss goodbye and asked if I wanted him to text me. I went to bed on an emotional high. I floated through the rest of the weekend in a delicious state of euphoria, and didn't come back to earth until Sunday night.  It had been an amazing night, and felt it reasonable to say we were definately back in the saddle for the New Year.

However, given the beginnings of a sub state that Jason got me into, there may be a question mark over whether I'm actually holding the reigns. But then isn't that the whole point of being a sub - handing the reigns over to someone else?

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