Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The increasing desires for domination (part 1)

For weeks I had been looking forward to Master Jay's party. It sounded like it was going to be an awesome event. But I was also excited about seeing Jason again, and was secretly hoping to continue where we had left off in at his January party. I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up though. Firstly he had said he rarely plays at his own parties. Secondly he always maintains that he will own us full on as his cuck couple, or not at all. I had told him how I felt about him, with regards to my 'sub feelings', but he was also aware that Dale had lost interest. And this, he had informed me, considerably changed the goal posts! Since that discussion he had backed off somewhat. So, although I had hoped Jason would play with me again, I was well aware that I might just have to settle for platonic friendship. 

I was also having doubts about whether I really truly wanted to be owned. When we first met Jason, back in November, nothing was happening for us, so his proposal was extremely tempting. And for me, it continues to be an appealing and very exciting idea. But since then, Dale and I have had a lot of fun with Mark who is keen for a repeat, and we are also back in communication with Ian. In addition we have been in contact with other party organisers. With the potential fun on the horizon for Dale and myself, I would have to question the benefits of giving all that up, in order to surrender ourselves into ownership with Master Jay. And even if Jason were to convince me, Dale would never agree to losing our sexual freedom, something we hadn't fully appreciated when we first discussed this arrangement with Jason.

In truth, I too, despite my increasing desires for domination, was going off the idea of being someone's permanent submissive. As an alternative I was starting to toy with the idea of having occasional D/s experiences. Ironically, this was probably all Ian had ever wanted from me anyway - he probably would have been very happy to dominate me for a night, then leave us to live our lives. It was me who had wanted more. But I was now interested in Jason, who sadly, was unlikely to accept me on this 'part time' basis.

But what I really really wanted from Jason, in my deeper fantasies, was to be tied up and whipped with a riding crop. Readers of this blog will know that I had historically wanted Ian to do this. But Ian was not really interested in this aspect of BDSM, nor had ever done it. And now that I had gone off Ian as a Dom, my increasing fantasies around domination involved Master Jay taking me to the dungeon, undressing me down to my knickers, tying my hands behind my back and beating me in front of everyone. Oh wow!!! My thoughts were becoming more advanced - all I had wanted from Ian was to be whipped in front of Dale in the privacy of our bedroom!

I was terribly nervous upon arrival at the party. I had put a considerable amount of time and effort into my appearance so that Jason could not resist playing with me. Unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen. We had met his primary sub upon arrival and she seemed very nice. It wasn't until we were being given a tour of the club by another guest, that we finally came across Jason. He was delighted to see me, and when he leant in close to kiss my cheek, his hand dropped down and skimmed my arse. He put his head through the door to the foyer where his sub was greeting guests, and asked if we had all met. Then I heard him say jokingly to her "have you scratched her eyes out yet?" Oh, I thought, what kind of pillow talk has been taking place about me?

Jason seemed put out that someone else was showing us around and not him. He then looked at me with pleasant surprise, and enthused about how gorgeous I looked - I don't think he had expected me to pull it off! He kissed me again, and this time his hand fondled my bottom purposefully, making it clear to the black man showing us around that I was his. I knew then that Jason had every intention of playing with me that night, and had come with that intention!

Sometime later we ran into Jason again. Deciding it was playtime, he took my hand and I obediently followed him to a room, with Dale tagging along behind. There were a couple of women on the bed being serviced by a number of black men, whilst their hubbies looked on. There were also other black men on the sidelines hoping for an invite to the fun. I knew Dale hoped that one day it would be me being serviced on the bed by numerous black men.

I leant against the wall and Jason started giving me teasing kisses. Eventually he couldn't take it any more and engulfed me passionately, his tongue exploring my mouth and hands exploring my body. He slipped his fingers underneath my knickers, and the sound of his breathing couldn't fail to hide his enjoyment. "Am I wet?" I asked him. "You are always wet for me" he murmured gruffly into my ear. Then he said with an edge,  "aren't you? You are always wet for me." He held onto my hair, and I said "yes Jason". Then he said softly again, but increasing his grip on my hair "I know you think about me all the time." His  seductive voice was like liquid honey, and I melted into the trappings of sub space as his fingers slid about in my sopping pussy. 

I couldn't resist touching the bulge in his trousers. I toyed with his zip, wondering whether to explore further, so he removed his cock for me and placed my hand on it. I started to feel some pressure on my head as he tried to push me down for a blowjob. I quickly came back to earth. I didn't want this. I didn't want to suck cock in front of lots of people, and despite the sexual attraction with Jason, I didn't want to get too intimate with him. I feared if we went too far, he would inevitably own me. I became very nervous, and Dale took me out of the room to calm down.

Upon return I was welcomed back by Jason. He embraced me against the wall, and firmly reassured me that he would look after me. I told him I didn't want him to fuck me, but I wanted him to whip me. He resumed kissing and fondling me, but before long, I had to share him with another Hotwife. I stood on the sidelines with Dale, and Jason watched me intently, as he moved his hands over her voluptuous body. I didn't take my eyes of him once. It wasn't long before he couldn't resist coming back to me, and he asked if he had made me jealous. I confirmed that he had, and he said "that's why I did it". "As long as you only kiss me' I told him possessively. Jason gave a dirty laugh, and kissed me ardently.

The jealously had turned me on so much, that in the heightened passion I bit Jason's neck. He pulled back shocked, and stared at me. His light hazel eyes, so incongruous against his dark olive skin and black hair, bore into me. OMG I thought, what's he going to do to me? Jason said nothing, kissed me again, then turned me around. I was bent over the bed, had my dress pushed up around my waist, and I was made to endure my first spanking from Master Jay. It was delicious. I had wanted him to do that for so long!

When he'd finished he sat next to me on the edge of the bed and cuddled me. Then I started to feel the hand of another man stroking my thigh. Jason was true to his word about looking after me, and promptly removed the uninvited hand. He then pushed me flat on the bed, and lay on top of me. I wrapped my legs around him, whilst he told me that he would fuck me one day, and that one day I would belong to him.

His voice was filled with urgency and wanting, and I stopped worrying about the outcome and just enjoyed. As Jason was whispering to me, Dale left the room to get water. Jason continued telling me that I was his, and I was to do as I'm told. It was so sexy. I drifted back into sub space, as he entered deep into the dark recesses of my mind, where even Ian hasn't managed to go.

Then Jason said he will only ever fuck me bareback. My senses started  to return. I told him we can't do it bare, because I'm not on the pill at the moment. He seemed annoyed at me spoiling the fantasy, and told me emphatically that he would breed me, and that I was to do as he said. I kept objecting and he kept repeating what would happen, until I could argue no more.

"There's something between us, and you feel it too" he told me firmly. Does that mean, I wondered, that this is fate, and that eventually I will end up being owned by Master Jay, however much I fight it?

Dale returned. He was clearly bored to see us still lying entwined on the bed, so decided to initiate some more action. He told Jason that I wanted him to take me to the dungeon.....

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