Sunday, 15 February 2015

Party time - by Dale

The next event on our sexual journey in 2015, was another party organised by Master Jay. This event was on a larger scale than the small private party at the beginning of the year, and was held at a swingers club in London.

We were greeted at the door by Jason's primary sub, whom we had heard all about and were meeting for the first time that night. We then moved upstairs for a glass of fizz with other sexy guests. In my opinion, Sarah was by far the best looking woman in the club, and one could feel all the men undressing her with their eyes. We were disappointed that Jason was nowhere to be seen, as he had promised introduce us to other players. We were, however, immediately intercepted by a BBC that we had communicated with in the days leading up, and glasses in hand, we were escorted around the premises and shown all the playrooms.

On our way to the basement we finally bumped into Master Jay himself, who seemed somewhat put out that he had missed his chance to be our tour guide. Jason enthusiastically greeted Sarah, giving her a welcoming kiss and grope on the ass. Sarah playfully told him off for not being there when we arrived, and I noticed his ire rise. I took Sarah's hand and moved on, but could  hear Jason growling a warning to our escort to keep his hands off. We could see the crestfallen look descend upon our guide, as he had just spent the last fifteen minutes flirting shamelessly with Sarah, and clearly had some plans in store. He completed our tour, but kept a respectful distance thereafter. We once again realised that Master Jay is ring-master at his parties, and all his Bulls tow the line when in his presence.

After our tour we headed back up to the bar where we enjoyed another glass of bubbly.  We got talking to a attractive blond MILF who was there with her hubby. She was more experienced than us and had been at a few of Jason's parties.  While I was getting our glasses filled, the MILF took the chance to proposition Sarah. Although Sarah often talks about exploring her lesbian tendencies, she wasn't quite ready to take the plunge yet, so politely declined. But our evening was off to a promising start. 

We went to explore the club some more, chatting to various people along the way. Before long we caught up with Master Jay. He was clearly ready for some fun, and immediately took Sarah by the hand and led her to a room. I followed dutifully behind. The room was called the cuck and Bull room, aimed at couples looking for a BBC to entertain their wife. Inside, two women were well underway. One blond MILF was eagerly gobbling up a BBC, and it wasn't long before another joined their fun. The best entertainment was a gorgeous brunette being thoroughly serviced by a fit black man, whilest her husband stood by the bed playing with himself.

Jason positioned Sarah against the wall and proceeded to expertly seduce her. I hugely enjoyed the sight. As Jason passionately kissed my wife and gently caressed her, I was reminded of the enjoyment I had watching them the last time. Sarah seemed to be enjoying this session even more, throwing herself shamelessly at Master Jay, responding to his every touch like a bitch in heat. It wasn't long, however, before Sarah became overwhelmed. I guess wasn't ready for him taking his cock out and trying to push her to her knees in front of everybody, although I was secretly willing her to get stuck in! On her becoming anxious, Jason suggested I take her out of the room. I quickly managed to get her on an even keel, and within minutes she was gagging to get back to Master Jay!

Picking up where they left off, Sarah was quickly coaxed back into horniness. After some very ardent kissing and groping, including her squatting on his hand for a good fingering, Master Jay bent her over the bed. Lifting up her lace dress, he administered a spanking to her ample backside which she clearly loved. By now Sarah was well and truely away. They put on a good show for the others in the room, including the husband of the brunette on the bed, who later confessed he is a voyeur and loved every minute. Once Sarah was sated, Jason lay her done gently and climbed on top of her for a cuddle. Sarah instinctively wrapped her legs around him. I took this moment to go back to the bar and replenish our drinks. Whilst away I reflected on how well things were going, and hoped that Sarah was finally turning into a true slut Hotwife. 

At the bar I recalled Sarah's desire for Jason to take her to the dungeon. This would be a new experience for her, and one that she was keen to explore.  Upon my return to the cuck and Bull room, Sarah and Jason were still entwined on the bed whispering softly to each other. Definately time to move things on, I thought. So I put the dungeon request to Jason, who immediately leapt off the bed and enthusiastically led us there. 

On entering the dungeon, and without any hesitation, Sarah was willingly positioned on a padded bench; head down, ass in the air, in a standard submissive position. Jason pushed her dress up to her waist, and began lightly grazing her ass cheeks with a leather flogger. This once again exposed her black lace panties and white ass cheeks to the assembled crowd. Jason continued to smack, flog, caress, and whip Sarah for the best part of the next hour, and she willingly submitted. This punishment was interspersed with loving words and gentle touches, whenever she seemed to be struggling with the pain. The dungeon was charged with sexual excitement, as Jason's primary sub was also being similarly beaten by a dominatrix. Another couple were enjoying the delights of the cane. From time to time Sarah's disobedience got the better of her, and she would raise her head to look around, only to have her head forced back down. At each transgression she had to endure an extra brutal whack of the flogger to her ever increasing red behind.

It wasn't long before word got round of what was happening in the dungeon, and the crowd swelled to about thirty people all eager to see the subs being disciplined. Sarah came off worst, as she had not yet learnt how to respect her Dom. By contrast Jason's primary sub bravely submitted and took her beaten from the dominatrix without flinching. Eventually Jason decided enough was enough for Sarah's first trip to the dungeon. He left us together to recover, whist he went off to play with yet another willing victim. 

I took Sarah upstairs for a much needed drink and relax. We watched some of the other Hotwives being serviced by black bulls, then after a while headed back to the dungeon. But by then all subs had been attended to, and the dungeon was empty.  We ended up in the basement with another couple and Jason. The BBCs do seem very good at sniffing out the MILFs, and one that we had spoken to earlier, reappeared started to chat Sarah. I could tell Chris wasn't really her type, and she was struggling to connect, but Jason came to the rescue.

With Jason now sitting next to Sarah on the sofa, she relaxed and once again started getting turned on. He wasted no time in stroking her thigh and leaning in for another kiss. The play started again, as his hand explored her body, and his tongue moved in and out of her mouth. Sarah melted in his arms. The hopeful Chris positioned himself on Sarah's other side, and started mirroring Jason's every move. As I held Sarah's hand, Jason skillfully kept Sarah on edge, and encouraged Chris to get more involved. I particularly remember Jason, whilst fingering her, looking across at Chris and tellinghim to put his hand on Sarah's freshly shaved pussy. Without Sarah realising Jason had discreatly replaced his fingers with Chris's, who took over pleasuring Sarah with equal expertise.

She seemed quite happy with the beginnings of this threesome. It looked like she was finally going to give herself to another black cock, and take another step in her journey to becoming my ultimate fantasy for her, of a black cock whore. Ever impatient, I suggested I undo Sarah's dress and and remove her bra to, which Jason exclaimed "well now we're getting somewhere!" I was delighted to see Jason and Chris's eyes widen at the sight of her firm pert tits and pierced nipples. Within seconds they were each on a breast sucking furiously. Despite all the play with Jason, this was actually the first time Sarah had been topless for him, and he clearly was impressed with the offering.

Sadly, all this happened very late, and as the club was about to close, Jason was called away, leaving Chris munching on her pussy. Sarah quickly lost interest now that Jason was no longer there to provided the psychological excitement, and I knew this was only headed one way.  As Chris was not picking up on her body language, it was up to me to step in and bring the proceedings to a conclusion.

Shortly after that, we said our goodbyes and called it a night. And what a night it had been!!

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