Saturday, 7 February 2015

The floodgates open with a BBC - by Dale

I had been trying to encourage Sarah for many years to sample the delights of a BBC. As readers of my Twitter account will know, Sarah had been almost BBC exclusive for the best part of ten years, prior to meeting me, and had mistakingly thought, she had had her fill. However she was misguided. Master Jay had very kindly put us in touch with the stunning Mark, and from all we had seen it looked like all my Christmases were about to come at once !!! The pictures we had seen showed a stunningly fit body, a gorgeous face, and a real twinkle in his eye. And most importantly he did not include any cock shots, which would have offended Sarah from the start!

We agreed to meet at a swanky roof top bar in London, and unlike many of our past dates with BBCs, he was on time, at the bar waiting for us, and immediately offered to buy Sarah and I a drink. We were off to a great start, and all Sarah's boxes were being ticked. The conversation flowed naturally and we soon found out that this urbane, well dressed gentleman had been born in Africa, but brought up in the States, and had lived in many places throughout the world. I thought we had died and gone to heaven. 

Over a couple of drinks we discussed backgorunds, journeys and expectations. Mark and Sarah got closer together and more flirtatious. Eventually I couldn't take it any more and suggested that we head back to our hotel room for some fun. Mark held Sarah's hand throughout the short walk, as I led the way. In the lift Mark could wait no longer, and turning to Sarah, kissed her, and let his hands wander over her body. What a sight it was for me watching from the other side of the lift, and seeing their reflection in the mirrors!

In the hotel room Mark wasted no time, and immediately tore Sarah's clothes from her body. Perhaps quicker than I would have liked, but this BBC meant business. With camera to hand, to capture every minute, I stood back and led them have their fun.

Mark proved to be a love machine, and for the next four hours, pounded Sarah non-stop. This young black stud had her in every position, and seemed to have an unending thirst for sex. The contrast of their skin was truly amazing; Sarah's milky white body lying under this dark velvety god, and seeing her legs and arms wrapped around him was sheer bliss for me. The one thing that really sticks out in my mind though was whenever Mark took a breather from fucking her, he used his fingers to make her gush like an oilwell. This technique and outcome was a new experience for both of us, and the e effect of the floodgates opening only infamed him more, as each time his cock was back inside her for another bought of vigorous sex.

After an exhausting and highly pleasurable four hours of non-stop fucking, Sarah was left satisfied and realising that I had been completely right. In my opinion Sarah only deserves being pleasured by a BBC, and we will definately arrange a repeat.

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