Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Confessions of an Alpha Cuck (part 3) - by Dale

Just a quick note to add to Sarah's blog 'back in the saddle and holding the reigns', which gives her perspective on Master Jay's party in early January.

I have been to a number of sex parties in my time, but never one in a hotel room, although I have seen many films with this theme. As you can imagine we were both really looking forward to it for various reasons. There had been some banter in the bar beforehand but not too much overt sexuality. Jason was the perfect host at all times, and demonstrated none of the aggression I felt came across in texts  messages. His friends were really nice and we all seemed to gel, so it looked like a good night was ahead. 

As described by Sarah, we all went to the room in dribs and drabs, and by the time Jason took us up  proceedings were well under way. What caught my immediate attention was the sight of one of the wives on the bed enjoying the attention of two black studs.  One of them had been eyeing up Sarah downstairs, and the other must have bypassed the bar and gone straight to the fun. What an amazing sight as this Hotwife threw herself totally into the action and took each cock in every hole. But wait.... shortly after we arrived, another BBC knocked at the door, stripped off and immediately joined the action.  What a lucky girl she was ! So as you can see the background entertainment was way better than a porn film, and immediately got me interested and horny. She was a woman after my own heart, and behaving very much in a manner that I have long dreamt of for Sarah. I will keep nudging my wife in this direction Readers - maybe one day???

Sarah has described all the attention that Jason was paying her. Yes, as always, I found it very very exciting to see my wife enjoying herself with another man.  My cock stood firmly to attention throughout, desperate for some fun. Of course had Master Jay had his way, I would have been firmly caged and straining to get out ! In a text the next day thanking him for his hospitality, I expressed how desperate I had been to join in, and was firmly put in my place !! I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I would at most be using my mouth to only clean the Hotwives, and no more !!!!

Yes yes, I know that this was a Mandingo party and the white bois were just there to watch and support. However Master Jay's reprimand was another reminder that I am not your typical sissy cuck. I don't know if I'm naughty boy, who should be made to stand in the corner with a cage, or if this is my inner Dom looking to get out and have some fun !!

In the week that followed, Sarah had quite an active discussion with Jason. It was a continuation of an earlier dispute, based on his view that it is Sarah who is preventing my development as the true cuck he believes me to be. As I have felt throughout, I continue to maintain that Jason's assessment of my character is not entirely accurate. I am very complex in my needs and desires, and Sarah is well aware that there is a fine line in keeping my emotions well balanced. She has learnt the hard way that it is best to at least give me the impression that I am in charge, and when there is a breakdown of my sense of control she know very well how in can all go wrong. It is true that am hugely interested in cuckoldry, and I had an amazing time that night, an experience I would relish repeating. But the cuckold experience is not enough to satisfy all my needs, and another part of my brain still desires sexual involvement with other women. The party did get us thinking that we should perhaps host our own party at our house - then maybe I could be the Dom and play with all the girls !!!!

I do agree to a certain extent, with Jason's analysis of my character, that Sarah could do more to enhance my cuckold journey. For example, I adore being caged, and would like to explore pegging and fluffing. It did take her a while to come round to letting me clean up and eat her lover's cum, but she backed off eventually. So there is still hope on these personal fantasies....

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