Saturday, 4 April 2015

Impromptu fun (part 2) - by Dale

For those who haven't yet read part 1 of 'impromptu fun' click here.

Up in the bedroom Jonny wasted no time in getting stuck in. He was right on top of Sarah pinning her to the bed like a tiger about to claim his conquest. Sarah was getting more and more excited, but he seemed to be in no rush. Once again she had to take matters into her own hands, and suggested he puts a condom on. Once covered up, she opened her legs for him to mount her. I allowed them space to enjoy their first fuck. Sarah's excitment was building more and more, and I knew she was in the zone when she demanded that Jonny take her from behind. Her favorite fucking position. Whilst not a Dom, he nonetheless took the chance to grab her hair and pull her back on him, whilst smacking her bottom in rhythm to the movements. What a sight !!!

After a good round of fucking, Jonny took a breather and suggested that she suck my cock. By this stage I was desperate for some attention. Sarah lay between me and her new lover, and obediently turn her head towards my throbbing member and began to gobble. Jonny, on her other side, was lovingly kissing her neck as he slowly made his way towards her cock-filled mouth. He started to kiss the edge of Sarah's mouth and for a moment ran the tip of his tongue along my shaft. This was getting very close to being outside Sarah's comfort zone, so she removed my penis with her hand and turned to kiss him. She then alternatated between kissing my cock and his mouth. The whole time Jonny was bringing his mouth closer to me. 'Would you like me to suck your husband's cock?' Jonny asked. This was too much for Sarah and she immediately moved my dick right out of the way of his probing tongue. She did, however, confess to me later that she found this event quite erotic.

Sarah was now ready for round 2, and was once again on all fours begging for more. As he took her from behind and I shoved my pulsating cock in her mouth. At one point Jonny gave an especially vigarous thrust sending Sarah's head and chest down onto the bed leaving my member suspended in mid-air. Unbeknown to her, Jonny reached out and began stroking me intimately. He then leaned over Sarah's back and sucked me like a hardened pro, and it was clear I was not his first. Sadly, Sarah lifted her head and ended my fun.

Later whilst Sarah was in the bathroom, Jonny and I sneaked in our own private fun by taking it in turns to give each other a blowjob. Unfortunately this experience was brief, as I heard the toilet flush, herelding Sarah's iminent return. 

Back on the bed, lying between us again, Jonny suggested Sarah sucked both of us at the same time. To my astonishment there was no brick wall put up by Sarah, who actually seemed quite keen to experience something new. So with me on her left, and Jonny on her right, she started to give her first doube blowjob. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy that too, alternating between my longer cock and his thicker one with her tongue.

The pleasure of the double blowjob had got us all horny again, so it was time for the grand finale. And what an event it was. Sarah was now in the groove and enjoying her new sexual partner. I was enjoying seeing her enjoy herself, especially as her inhibitions seemed few this evening. Lying on the bed in missionary position, Jonny once again mounted my willing wife. With Sarah now fully occupied, I was free to provided additional sitmuation. Caressing her exposed bottom I gently prodded her with one finger.  Her anus willing accepted the intrusion, which I was grateful for as I had the double benefit of feeling Jonny's hard cock in my wife's pussy through the thin wall dividing cunt and ass.

I decided it was my turn to have my wife. I lay her down on the bed and felt the old familiar feeling as she wrapped her legs around me, whilst I entered her now stretched pussy. I was so horny by this point that I shot my load into her within a few thrust. Jonny was lying next to my wife, and from the look on his face I realised that he was patiently awaiting the cream pie, I usually regard as my treat. And within seconds Jonny had instructed Sarah to sit on his face. When he had sucked her clean, she dismounted, and he showed us a blob of my cum sitting on his tongue. Jonny then leaned forward to kiss my wife, but that was a step to far - Sarah's boundaries had already been pushed well beyond my wildest dreams that night.

Sarah was now keen to ride Jonny. Lucky for me this left her ample ass even more vulnerable and I decided to push my luck a little further, and initiate her into the joys of DP. Whilst Jonny distracted my wife by licking her hanging tits, I lubed her up then opened her with two fingers, before bringing my throbbing cock to her anus. This was a definite first for Sarah, as although we have had anal before, she is not big on it, and had certainly never been in favour of two penises in her at once. I was very proud of my hot wife as she managed to get about half my length in her and seemed to enjoy the experience.  Emboldened by this, I pushed my luck even further, and I began to insert my cock into her wet pussy alongside Jonny's. Again she managed about half the length. What a good girl !!

Not wanting to push her to breaking point, I then backed off, and allowed her to finish off with Jonny alone. I was keen though that they both had maximum stimulation so as he was fucking her hard I played with all exposed bits !!!  His and her anus, her pussy, his shaft and balls. And as he was nearing climax I leaned down, licked behind his sack and took one of his balls in my mouth until he shot deep inside her. What a sensation as I squeezed ever last drop of cum from his balls into her. Once he had got his breath back he climbed off, and as my reward, poured the cum from his condom onto my wife's belly and I was allowed to greedily lick it off. 

This was by far the best threesome that Sarah and I have had together and a repeat is most definitely in the diary !!! 

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