Wednesday, 15 April 2015

More about Jonny

The original communication with Jonny was because he was looking for couples to come to his house parties. Photos suggested, however, that this clean-cut Englishman was very much my type, although a number of his profile verifications commented that he was far better looking in the flesh. And when he walked into the pub and I saw the broad shoulders and chisselled good looks of this well-dressed former army officer, I had to agree. He was gorgeous, and I was mesmerised by the bluest eyes I had ever seen!

Unfortunately this initial infatuation was momentary. Jonny was surprisingly nervous, and the more he talked the more nervous he became. This initially put me off - to me confidence is the key to sex appeal! Don't get me wrong, he was able to hold a conversation, and was indeed good company. But there was no flirting, no seduction. In the end Dale decided to push things forward, and suggested Jonny sit beside me. Things heated up then, and Jonny showed me his expertise with his fingers right in the middle of the pub, as described in 'Impromptu fun (part. 1)'. And by the time Jonny wound up back at our house, he had relaxed sufficiently to show me what an experienced lover he really was!

On the marital bed, Jonny purposefully set to work on me. Once a condom was safely in place he proceeded to mount me with his big rugby player body, before pounding me with his thick cock. For the next couple of hours he remained hard and long lasting, as he energetically took me through a variety of positions, as described in 'impromptu fun (part 2). Like my experiences with Mark, I was left feeling saited. And like Mark, I concluded Jonny is exactly what I need for uncomplicated drama free sex. But I was acutely aware that I have not found my Christian Grey, and I continued to yearn for psychological mind-play and domination.

Then two weeks later Jonny arranged a sex party at his batchelor pad. We were invited, along with three other couples. I was excited about going to a party, but although I was looking forward to playing with Jonny again, the euphoria and anticipation I get from meeting a prospective Dom was lacking. However, when Jonny greeted us at his door, I melted at the sight of his piercing blue eyes. I had forgotten how gorgeous he was when fully dressed. He politely kissed my cheek, then hugged me and he felt lovely.

We were the first to arrive. We followed Jonny to the kitchen, but then Dale decided to nip to the bathroom, which left Jonny and I alone. Immediately Dale was out of sight, Jonny was all over me, nuzzling my neck and feeling my thighs and bottom. He cheekily lifted my skirt to see what underwear I was wearing. I didn't let him kiss my mouth and I soon untangled myself from the passionate welcome, conscious that soon other guests would arrive and it may appear rude for us to have already started!

Later I regretted giving him this brush-off. Maybe I've taken it too much for granted to be able to play hard to get when I am the only woman. I had already learnt at the party with Mark in March, that on the swing scene, if one holds back too much there will always be a more willing woman waiting! And for the second time since Dale and I have been active on the swing scene, I realised I would have to join the queue of MILFs, when there is a young stud who has his pick.

However, I also had my pick that night, and fairly early on I made a mental note of a man called Alex, with 'come to bed eyes'. Alex's wife, Laura was gorgeous too. As part of a 'warm up' game Laura was the instructed to sit on Jonny's lap so he could undress her. I had been sitting on the leather sofa trying to catch Jonny's eye, as he sat the other side of his lounge on a dining chair. I had hoped he'd come and sit next to me. Dale told me to go a sit on his lap, but I'm used to men coming to me! My hesitance yet again pushed me further back in the queue. I watched in amazement and increasing horniness as he peeled off Laura's dress revealing large braless breasts. Jonny was clearly impressed too from the way he held her from behind as he gathered up her magnificent assets, kneeding them with his hands. Well if I had wanted Jonny before, this sight heightened my desire for him. Gone was the nervous man we'd met two weeks earlier in a remote country pub. He was on his own territory, young and single surrounding by middle aged couples, and he knew he had his pick of sexy MILFs.

And whilst he was playing with this beautifil woman, he looked over at me with his sapphire blue eyes and gave me a wink and a cheeky smile. Maybe I'd got this guy wrong. Perhaps there are some psychological games to be had here. Either way, I knew I would have some serious fun that night.

Part 2 of this night soon to be published.

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