Monday, 15 December 2014

Fifty shades darker

Jason (aka Master Jay) is an extreme Dom Bull. So extreme, Ian is a pussy cat by comparison.

But he was very honest from the beginning, and I think we all knew, including Jason himself, that he was too extreme for us. Though some reason the three of us decided to give it a go anyway.

A born and bred Londoner, now living in the Home Counties not far from us, he a is mixed race man of Caribbean origin. Well-spoken and very intelligent, though his early fifties, he is considerably older than what I would normally look for in a lover. Even so, after a lengthy telephone call I was smitten. His voice oozed sex appeal, and he spoke with the same soft authoritative tone that Ian did when in Dom mode. And although I wasn't looking for this, upon experiencing the Dom manner again, I realised how much I missed it. Maybe even needed it.

But, as I said, Jason was extreme, and there was no flexibility in what he had to offer. He was into ownership of a cuckold couple. He has a long term partner who was his official submissive, but he likes to have married subs in addition, where the husbands become his cucks. This involves the married couple ceasing to have sex, and the cuck hubby being completely at service to meeting the needs of the Dom Bull in relation to the wife, to whom he would be the primary sex partner. Naturally his submissives do exactly as he says. Jason haa a particular interest in making his subs, who are always white, fuck black men. He is also into cuckold humiliation, which I was somewhat concerned about.

So although Jason turned me on, I doubted Dale and I could really accept the 'ownership' element. Dale, being a fantasist, and in missing the cuckold psychology from Ian, was well up for this experience. In fact I noticed the look of sheer relief on Dale's face when he got into bed one night, phone in hand, ready to commence a text chat with Jason about me being bred - oh Dale had so missed these pregnancy discussions with Ian!

Jason is an honest man, and he was very honest when he concluded that I was not ready for him. He did however believe that Dale was up for this experience, though I suspected he had misjudged Dale. Nonetheless, he agreed to meet us anyway.

This led to Jason getting my back up for the first time (and as it panned out, wouldn't be the last!) In his role as a Dom Bull, he ordered Dale to find a suitable venue. Dale, in cuck mode, was only to glad to oblige. But the men were forgetting that I, as the lady, need to be impressed by my prospective lovers, and part of that involves the Bull being seen to take charge. I realise that that what Jason did was part of the Bull-Cuck relationship, but to me leaving my husband to make all the arrangements was a cop-out.  What turns me on in a man is old-fashioned chivalry, including arranging the date with the aim of showing the lady a good time. As Jason becoming increasingly bossy with Dale, I feared he would also take an extreme view that, Dale as the cuckold, should pay for all the drinks. This would definitely have been a deal breaker for me. I am a high maintenance hotwife, and will not go to bed with someone who doesn't spend money on me!

We met Jason in a remote country pub, half way between where we and he lives. Fortunately he, not only passed the 'buying drinks' test (many haven't), but was the perfect gentleman to both Dale and myself. He was clearly quite taken with me, and raved on about how he hadn't expected me to be so attractive. I found him shorter and stockier than I had imagined, and I didn't fancy him.

But despite not fancying him, he did turn me on. This was deja vous. I hadn't felt this way since last February when we met Ian for the first time.

We discussed expections, and it was clear that I probably wouldn't be able to keep Jason happy. I wanted this though, and started to feel that I had blown it. When he asked me what I thought, I told him as such. Jason listened without expression, and I wondered what he would tell me when I had finished. Dale went to the bathroom and Jason swapped seats to sit next to me. He took my hand, and to my surprise said softly 'would you like to be my sub?'. His voice was like honey, so erotic. I looked down and didn't answer. I wanted this, but knew he was too extreme. He repeated his question, so I said, 'will you take me as I am?' Dale returned from the bathroom, and he asked me again if I wanted to be his sub. I repeated 'will you take me as I am?' His hand explored my thigh and fingered the top of my stockings. Then he said 'so would you like to be a black cock whore?' Duncan did a sharp intake of breath in his excitement of such a proposition! I was shocked by the bad language, though it was erotically incongruous to his clipped accent and impeccable manners.

We discussed my fears. I told him what had happened with Ian in the club, how I felt I had been pushed into something I didn't want to do. This can be read about in 'from the frying pan to the fire' and 'badly burned'. Jason was appalled at Ian's behaviour. He assured me that, as his sub, he would only demand of me what he knew I was ready for. 'Don't worry' he joked, ' there are no glory holes here!' I looked nervously at the fine oak panelling of the pub wall next to our table, and a crude image floated into my mind!

Then he said to me softly, 'did this guy hurt you?' I said 'yes', touched by his empathy. Jason explained that Ian had messed up by not being there for me after the experience in the club. He said that when a Dom gives his sub an experience, it is essential be available to help her down from the emotional high. He said that was why Ian had left me feeling so empty. What Jason said was the truest thing I had heard in a long time.

He then looked at me, and all of a sudden his manner changed. He started gabbling about how he had thought I wasn't ready for him, but now saw that I am indeed a true sub. I didn't know what I did to make him suddenly say this, but some time later he told me it was facial expressions, looking down etc. Apparently, at that moment, I had exhibited myself as true sub, something, he told me, one can't fake.

Jason then told us that he had to think carefully about whether he could take me on, as he already had two subs. He said he didn't want to abandon me like the other guy. This really opened my eyes; not that he was considering taking me on, nor that  if I accepted I would have been one of many. But that he was actually thinking it through! Such a contrast from Ian, who continuoully disapoints due to unfullfilled promises, simply because he doesn't think!

I needed time out, so excused myself to the toilet. Jason put his hands on my hips as I squeezed past. On my return, he held my hips again as I pushed past him to get back to my seat. He put his hand back on my thigh and told me that him and Dale had discussed him coming home with us that night. My heart leapt for joy, but then he remembered a commitment with one of his children the next day, and said regretfully that he couldn't. I was gutted. I needed this guy to fuck me. After how strongly I felt for Ian, I didn't think I would experience submissive feelings for another guy.

We all left shortly after that. In the car park, just as we were about to say good bye, Jason suddenly kissed me. Gently at first, but when I responded, his kisses became passionate and urgent as his tongue frantically explored my mouth, his hands moving purposefully over my body. I started hyperventilating, the same way I did with Ian as described in the blogs, 'the slow smouldering effects of a hypnotic seduction' and 'fanning the fire with another hypnotic seduction'. I never thought this would happen to me again. His hand moved to my breast, and started squeezing it hard before homing in on my nipple, twisting it between his thumb and forefinger. His passion was rough and forceful, so different from Ian's sensual gentle approach. But the effect on me was the same. As he teased my nipple, he sucked my lower lip then move his mouth to my neck before nibbling my ear. 'Look at Dale' he ordered. I obeyed and saw Dale standing by the car watching.

I turned back to my new lover, who continued kissing my neck. Then he growled in my ear 'you'll do as you're told'. This turned me on so much, but scared me too. Ian never took that tone with me. OMG this was definately fifty shades darker. Still hyperventilating I ran to the car. I couldn't take what was happening to me.

The next day Master Jay invited me to be his submissive and I accepted.

Read 'Six days as one of Master Jay's submissives' to find out what happened next.

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