Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Six days as one of Master Jay's submissives

Read the previous blog 'fifty shades darker' for an introduction on our relationship with Master Jay.

It's probably not strictly true that Jason asked me to be his sub. Though he did ask me if I wanted this role, and as the Dom, was very clear that he expected me to ask him for that privilege. And when I texted 'yes' to his question, he immediately texted back that I should ask him nicely if he would be my master. The word 'master' stuck in my throat, and the best I could do was say 'please can I be your sub, Jason?' He told me I would be, once I learnt how to please him and submit. I guess on that basis, I never really was his sub. And besides the whole thing imploded after less than a week without even being consummated. Like Lady Jane Grey, as the uncrowned Queen of England for 9 days, I was Master Jay's uncollared submissive for six days. Fortunately I still have my head!

Text messages continued between us for much of the day. Jason commented on what had happened to me the previous night in the pub car park; how that had demonstrated I was a true sub. He said I wouldn't understand what I was experiencing, nor was I ready to understand it yet. But he started to outline rules and and regulations for my new role. He conceded that I could call him 'Jason', as opposed to his preferred 'Master Jay'. It was very clear I was to put him first at all times (though he did acknowledge that he does not interfere with family or work), and I was to get used to his use of graphic sexual language. However by the afternoon his increasing use of, what I consider, unnecesary bad language was offending me. Being referred to as his 'black cock whore' or 'subslut bitch' made me feel extremely uncomfortable. He also made a serious faux pas in telling Dale, via text, to 'fuck off' as he was 'talking to his new bitch'. I told him that I wasn't ready for this stuff - he had after all promised me the previous night to go a my pace and not subject me to what I wasn't ready for. He told me this is the way he is, and in the light of my objection, he would have to think about it. The text chat ceased abruptly/ I didn't really care. The dominating effect, he originally had on me, had been killed by the explicit language. 

Jason reached out to me that evening, and we had a relatively pleasant chat. When he when texted again a few hours later, the conversation turned sexual. It went fine until Jason informed me that he does not go down on his subs - that is the cuck hubby's role. Oh for goodness sake, I thought! This guy is so doing a spectacular job of telling me why I wouldn't want to go to bed with him! And I recalled how much I had always enjoyed Ian pleasuring me that way. I had thought less about Ian since meeting Jason, the penny finally dropping that I would be better off with a Dom who made an effort. But finding out I would not be experiencing with Jason, something Ian did with enthusiasm (as do most men) reminded me how his patient technique, of gentle persistent persuasion, had me eating out of his hand. I lipped back at Jason, in a particularly unsubmissive way, and a way in which I wouldn't have dared speak to Ian. Jason retorted that I was getting 'too demanding my Bitch' and that I was to do as I was 'fucking told!'

I ignored him. I'd had enough, and so had Dale. In my opinion, he was behaving like a bully, and this only served to bring out the obnoxious in me. He did not seem to be the same Dom Bull, who successfully brought out the sub in me only 24 hours earlier. Ian would never have spoken to me like that - but then he never had to; he created submission in me in a more subtle clever way, playing with my mind to make me want something.

So it seemed that that was the end.

I was wrong. I heard from Jason the next day. He was back to being nice and polite, so I rewarded him for good behaviour by allowing a chat. I didn't see where this was going, and the persistent aggressive language had certainly put me off wanting to be dominated by him. However I did like him very much as a friend - in that capacity I considered him extremly nice and very easy to talk to. He confided that he liked me very much, in fact much more than he had expected. He told me he really wanted me as a sub, but I would have to get over my 'hang ups' of the graphic language. We had a chat about that and nothing was really resolved. I was extremely flattered by his sentiments, and I didn't see why he couldn't tone down the language, maybe until I was more developed in my sub role. However this matter was clearly a deal breaker for him. 

I didn't hear from him for two days, so again I thought that perhaps Jason had realised this was not going to work. Then he reached out again and we texted solidly for three days. He backed off on stuff I didn't like, so slowly the sub in me started to come out. We discussed hard limits, and he reassured that I was not be forced into anything. He was however concerned that Dale had been a bit distant, and that it would not work unless the cuck hubby was fully on board.

This was my concern too. Jason was clearly smitten with me, so I thought we could work something out that was mutually acceptable to both of us. But it bothered me how much of a cuckold Dale was prepared to be. It seemed that Jason was into cuckold humiliation, and Dale and I were very concerned as to what this might entail. Dale being told to 'fuck off' had set off alarm bells; we had disturbing visions of Jason, on being invited to our house, telling Dale to 'fuck off while I fuck my bitch'. Maybe we were over worrying, but Jason was probably too extreme for our comfort levels.

So in truth, I knew the relationship had no future. But I pressed on, partly because I was drawn to him and craved to be a sub, and partly because the child in me was intrigued by the way he chased after me and wondered just how far I could push him.

On the evening of the sixth day I found out exactly how far Jason could be pushed. He informed me that we would only have sex bareback, so I calmly told him that we could consider that in the fullness of time. He stubbornly stood his ground. With his unreasonable demands, my obnoxious side started to raise its ugly head again. I lipped back and discovered that he would take no more! 

Well at least I now knew his breaking point with me!

Come back, Ian - all is forgiven!

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