Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A gift from Master Jay

Master Jay had always promised us that if it didn't work out with him, he would help us find someone more suitable from his seemingly extensive catalogue of 'Black Bulls'. Despite the frequent fallouts, Jason was true to his word.

In the week between Christmas and New Year we had a message from a guy called Mark. Jason had recommended him some weeks back, but Mark had not responded when Dale reached out via the swinger's website. This was understandable - this young educated black stud was drop dead gorgeous with a body to die for. Someone like him would have no need for middle aged women like myself. After all if I was struggling to hold the interest of reasonably attractive men like Ian, then I would have no chance with sex gods like Mark. I started to wonder if Master Jay had something to do with this turn of good luck.

'How's it going with Mark?' Jason texted a few days later. So this was his doing. 'Say thank you Jason' he said. I rolled my eyes and texted 'thank you'.

I felt bad though. Jason had really wanted me to be his sub, so to set us up with someone else (and on that matter the hottest black man in the South East), was a huge act of kindness. I asked Jason if he minded. Not because I believed it was his business or that he had a right to mind, but simply because I didn't want any discomfort. But to my surprise he said he didn't  mind as long as he was kept informed! He said that he would ensure Mark understood his right to claim me back when he was ready!

So that was what this selflessness was all about! Dale and I were gobsmacked!

Jason frequently complains that I am a confusing person, and that I send confusing conflicting messages about what I want. In my defense I would say that I am sexually attracted to Jason and simply fail to hide how I feel. That is not confusing - I desire something that, for a number of reasons, I can't have. I admit that, because of the mutual attraction, we are both guilty of leading each other on. But that is another issue. What now seems to be the case is that Jason, who rejected us as his cuckold couple (albeit a joint decision), apparently still had a claim on me. Now that's confusing!

Jason knew that we were back in communication with Ian. He had said he was happy for us, but I doubted the sentiment was genuine, and if I'd been in his shoes I would be pissed off. Then the penny dropped. Clearly if he couldn't own us as his cuckold couple, he would find another way of controlling our sex life. He knew that his control of us would cease should we go back to our former Bull.

But one of his Black Bulls - well that was maybe within his scope of influence!

And so the man, who desperately wanted me as his own, had set me up with the finest Black Bull on his Rolodex - one so fit he knew I couldn't fail to notice. Even if it meant marginalising the Master himself, allowing me a harmless playmate, maybe enough to remove the real threat to his position. Getting rid of our former Bull would enable him to maintain some control in my life! And besides, if I had become Master Jay's official sub, I would only have been allowed to sleep with black men of his choice. So Mark, I would've been fucking anyway. But a white guy like Ian - out of the question!

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