Saturday, 11 January 2014

A New Year and back in the saddle with a bang!

We have spent 6 months exploring the possibility of me becoming a Hotwife. If you haven't yet read about the start of our journey in the latter part of 2013 click on 'The beginning'. This journey made us realise, with surprise, how hard it is to find the right Bull. I guess we cut our teeth on Ed, and learnt the Cuckold-Hotwife-Bull psychology from Ian. In addition to that, between us, we have communicated with numerous chancers and wannabe Bulls. One of the consistent disappointments was a potential Bull's inability to appreciate that there are 3 people to be in the relationship instead of 2 - something that Ed understood (although messed up on later), and Ian very much got, in line with the following website entitled 'So you're finally a bull - now what?' (which we thoroughly recommend to any man considering this role).

We are rather hoping that Ian might finally deliver in the New Year in view of the last text conversation I had with him before Christmas, but going by the history with Ian we will not get our hopes up. I texted him again a few days ago to follow up his suggestion to meet in January, but as yet he hasn't replied, which is not like him but he may be away. Ed is now back in the UK and Dale has forgiven him as I knew he would. Now that Dale has seen how difficult it is to find a suitable man to sleep with his wife he is realising that perhaps Ed is actually a bit of a gem by comparison. But this is because Dale still hankers after a bisexual threesome with Ed. I don't share this desire. Although I would be happy to have an affair with Ed, in the absence of that being acceptable within our marriage, I want a Bull. And Ed, as I've said before, is not a Bull.  So as much as I am fond of him, and as much as I fancy him, it will not work.

Dale and I now know what we want, and short of Ian coming to the table which we won't hold our breath for, it is time to actively embrace this lifestyle. Another CL ad was placed - this time all mention of sex was avoided, simply asking for a charming man to flirt with Dale's wife in front of him. This was a tactic to reduce the quantity of rude, aggressive and disrespectful so called Bulls thinking that a picture of their cock was a good way to get my attention! And the tactic proved to work as we had a wealth of, at first glance, high quality candidates. We had a rare window of opportunity over the first weekend of January, so we fixed up two dates on consecutive days - start of 2014, let's get this going with a bang, we thought!

The first guy was Ravi - Indian, wealthy, flamboyant. He was originally put into the 'maybe' box, and by our experience with CL, 'maybe' usually turns into 'no'. He was nice looking and seemed quite refined, so he wasn't a 'no'. But due to more desirable candidates, and the fact that he came across as very arrogant, he didn't make the 'yes' box, either. As always, though, there is a natural attrition - some disappear, others end up being unsuitable for various reasons, and then there is the issue of who is available to meet when we are available. So we ended up giving Ravi a second look. Text messages to both of us were taking a similar tone to those of Ian, with his suggestion of his desire to dominate a submissive woman in front of her husband. He seemed to understand the psychology of the Cuckold-Bull-Hotwife trinity, and was clearly experienced in this area. He told us one story of how he was once in a nightclub with a couple and he fingered the girl and removed her knickers whilst the husband shielded them. I found this story so erotic, and wondered if I would enjoy that. To read the outcome of our date with Ravi click here.

Then following evening we had lined up a date with Jerry. It was somewhat unexpected, especially as we had cancelled a date with him some 6 weeks earlier, and generally got off to a bad start, which can  read about in 'The beginning'. Dale had replied to his CL ad, not realising whose ad it was. He attached the usual facial pic of me with my eyes blacked out. Shock horror embarrassment - it was Jerry! He had changed his ad so we didn't recognise it. But he recognised me 'as the lovely Sarah'. We all agreed that maybe this was fate (or perhaps just the relative high odds of meeting again within the swingers community of London). Being the Christmas holidays, thus having a bit more time on our hands, a meet seemed a good idea. To find out what happened click here.

We were certainly on a roll. As I said, 'back in the saddle with a bang'!


  1. Always such can be a tough road to travel. I, too, have written plenty on the same subject about the trinity in a cuckold relationship: bull, hotwife's & cuck hubby. Most bulls would prefer doing away with the hubby, and that's not good. However, I'd recommend that what's required isn't merely someone dominating the wife, but as well seducing her like a sly lover. One that makes love to her even without actually fucking her yet.

  2. Hi Phil. Dale showed me your comment this morning and I had to respond as you have in my opinion gone right to the heart of what I am starting to believe is required in a bull. What you suggest is precisely what Ian did to me during a 6 month cyber affair in which he expertly seduced me. Not only did he make love to me without actually fucking me, he made love to me without even meeting me. I will be adding the story about Ian shortly.