Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sarah's reflections on Jerry

So it was Jerry who ended up being my first extra-marital lover. Completely unexpected of course. After months and months of tooing and froing with Ed and Ian and getting nowhere fast, I threw caution to the wind and slept with Jerry within hours of meeting himAdmittedly I wasn't looking forward to meeting Jerry. Ravi had been disappointing, so that had put me in negative mood, and to make it worse Jerry was still failing to display much warmth in his emails as him and Dale made arrangements for the date.

But I couldn't have got him more wrong! Jerry was just so utterly charming, polite, nice and easy to talk to. He took confident charge of the situation, and I am a sucker for a self-confident man! He is a handsome guy, although there was not an instant chemistry. What worked for me was his highly confident and charming personality with impeccable manners. I knew as soon as I met him knew he would simply charm me into bed!

Dale and I were perched by the bar when he arrived, having circled the crowded pub a few times in futile attempts to find a table. He had just come from work so was in his suit. After we had introduced ourselves and he had exuberantly kissed me on both cheeks and my hand, he strode off to look for a table and naturally he found one! I was surprised at how tall he was as we trotted behind him. He led us to what he described as a 'great table'! The table was fine - it was against the wall with space for three. Then before Dale and myself could sit down, he positioned his drink on the table side opposite the wall, thus ensuring he would sit between us. Having secured his place next to me and having made sure I was not next to my husband, Jerry strode off again to find a chair for himself. Dale commented to me that positioning his drink like that, so that Dale and I were forced apart, was a clever move - the move of a Bull!

And ever the gentleman Jerry was very quick to notice when my drink was empty, and swiftly took care of that - I do find it a turn on when a man makes sure the lady is looked after! (And after the experience with Ravi the previous night, I was relieved that Jerry passed that test!)

He is a tad older than I would prefer, and we had suspected from the photos that he was not in this late thirties. But when we saw him in person we knew he had definitely shaved a good few years off his age in order to attract a wider audience. After a couple of glasses of wine I cheekily asked him what his real age was, and he confirmed early forties. I personally would have guessed mid forties at least. As I said he was nice looking, but a bit weathered! I am aware that I too am no spring chicken, but that doesn't stop me hankering after a firm chiselled young stud. On the plus side age brings maturity, experience and an understanding of the art of seduction.

I would say Jerry is addicted to sex, but despite his excessive sleeping around he is a very very nice guy. MMF threesomes are his favourite as he believes in female pleasure. He shares Dale's view that the female body, with its many erogenous zones, was designed to require attention from more than one man if it is to receive maximum stimulation. This view is on the basis that one man alone only has one pair of hands, one mouth and one cock, whereas two men....

Jerry says he is not a Bull. He says he's too much of a gentleman to be a Bull. He is definitely a gentleman, but I see no reason why a man can't be both. He must think that a Bull is like all these wannabe Bulls that I have slated as rude and aggressive. However he is correct that he's not a Bull - but not because he is a gentleman; because he shows no interest in the Bull-Cuckold psychology. And I don't mean this observation as a criticism. He qualified in many other attributes, essential for a threeway relationship. For example, as a third person coming into our marriage, he understood the importance keeping Dale on side and included. And it's not that Dale didn't get a Cuckold experience - Jerry gave Dale enormous kicks by sitting next to me, placing his hand on my thigh in front of him, and hold my hand like I was his girl when we walked to Jerry's flat, not to mention the pleasure Dale got by watching us play and have sex. Its just that I don't think Jerry was deliberately doing this, or aware of the Cuckolding effect on Dale. Jerry doesn't want to dominate; he just wants to have fun within the sexual trio. He wants to give pleasure but only by being adventurous with sex, not by exploring domination and cuckoldry.

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