Saturday, 11 January 2014

The following evening with Jerry (by Dale)

Revised May 2014 by including more sexual detail of the event

What a night !!!!

We met Jerry for drinks in a smart part of central London.  After three rounds I could see, from where I was sitting, that his hand was suggestively caressing her stockinged thigh. It had been made clear to him that this was a 'get to know you' drink with no sex. He obviously he wanted to explore her a little further though, so suggested that we might like to go back to his flat for a glass of champagne, and so that we could both feel her breasts. Rightly so, as the pub we were in was a little full and bright, although he and Sarah did enjoy their first kiss while I was at the washroom (this seems to be when all bulls make their first move !!!) He assured Sarah that he would not go below the waist, and I'm sure she looked disappointed when he said that. Privately I knew what would happen once this experienced player started touch my horny wife in private, so I made sure I got some condoms from the washroom vending machine.

The walk back to his flat was brief, although he did ask Sarah for her hand as I dutifully tagged along beside them. When we got through his door the ambient lighting was set, jazz music softly playing, and champagne chilling in the fridge. What a charmer - he knew exactly what he was doing!

Champers was poured all round and Sarah and Jerry settled onto the sofa, with me in the chair opposite.  Wasn't long though before they had shifted closer together and lips and tongues were busy exploring each other, his hands moving over her breasts. 'You're the perfect size' he said. How did he know that a compliment like that would make her putty in his hands! Ever the gentleman, Jerry asked if I could see ok, and suggested that I come over to the sofa to get a better look. I was straight across and sipped my champagne while getting a ring side seat to all the action.  

And boy what action there was.....

Kissing, caressing, exploring. He lifted up her top and pushed her bra down, expressing pleasant surprise at Sarah's nipple piercings, which he immediately proceeded to pull and tug on, causing her exquisite pleasure. He then instructed me to undress her. It wasn't long before Sarah was naked bar her tiny lace panties and hold-up stockings. Jerry was all over her with sexual excitement. His hands kneading her firm breasts, pushing them together, licking her erect pierced nipples. He seemed surprised and delighted at their fullness and youthfulness.

Then Jerry knelt on the floor at her feet, pulled Sarah's panties to one side and started to prepare the way with a very sensual tongue bathe of her pussy.  I thought she was going to cum right there and then, and she never cums from oral! He seemed to really enjoy licking her clitoris, while gently fingering her and getting her wet. She couldn't take it any more, which I knew would be the case, and begged him to fuck her. She must have been horny to use that kind of language! But true to his word, to not have sex with my wife on this occasion, he declined. Sarah was having none of that - what Sarah wants Sarah gets! She'll just bide her time.

Jerry asked me if I would like to see my wife give him a blowjob (as if he needed to ask !!!!) and within seconds Sarah was sucking the end of his impressive cock. She did though insist that if she was to do this for him, then she fully expected him to make love to her before the evening was over....the little minx !! The language that she used, preferring the soft phraseology, only enhanced the erotic expectation. 'I'll just go and get a condom' he said in his clipped accent. He must have known exactly what he was doing when he invited us back! He returned from his bedroom with a condom,  very keen to get stuck in right there on the couch.  However, Sarah, with comfort in mind, suggested that we all move to the bedroom. Naturally Jerry could not refuse the lady's polite request and off we toddled.

What can I say, but sheer erotic poetry.  Such a sight seeing my gorgeous MILF entwined in another man's arms being brought to ecstasy. Seeing his penis enter her, as I pulled her lips open and offering him my wife, was amazing. He made love to her in missionary position for a short while, until she requested to be taken from behind. 'Of course' he said obligingly as though she had asked him to pass the salt! So she turned over and presented him with her shapely backside, and he immediately plunged his sizeable instrument into her already wet open pussy. She really came alive then, and then to add to the fuel, Jerry said 'shall we roast her?' in his public school voice. Sarah turned her head nervously and said 'what's that?' Jerry gave her a sly smile as I walked to the top of the bed and shoved my own big hard cock in her mouth. And she did not stop screaming with ecstasy as she enjoyed a cock in each end. In fact Jerry looked nervous at one point, and told me to calm her down for fear that the police would be called!

So my wife says she doesn't like threesomes - bullshit I think !!!

At the end of the sex session, Sarah surprised me by asking Jerry to cum on her face. He must have turned her on, for her to want this, as she doesn't like cum. However I know that it was Ian who has groomed her to this space, so I felt some sadistic pleasure that, with all his dicking us about, another man gets the benefit of Ian's hard work. Anyway, Jerry, came buckets on her face, and she was soaked. I was itching to clean her up, but wasn't sure what Jerry would think of that. Then he threw her a towel, so the opportunity was gone.

As we hadn't planned on going quite this far on the first date, the last train home was looming and we had to make a move. But not before Jerry produced a paddle and started to (playfully ?!?!) spank Sarah for 'being naughty'. 

Success all round and Sarah's marital vows well and truely in tatters. We got dressed, then sat politely in his lounge finishing our champagne. Then Jerry led Sarah to the guest room to get her coat. He closed the door, me waiting in the hall by the front door. Fortunately they were back out within thirty seconds. It was a Cuckold moment! She told me he gave her a quick snog when he shut the door. It was only for a moment, but I guess he was testing the boundaries.

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