Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ravi - first date of 2014

Ravi had instructed me to wear a skirt or dress. So I selected a miniskirt, low cut top with push-up bra, then asked Dale if I should wear stockings or tights. 'I think Ravi will expect stockings' he said slightly bemused that I would even need to ask! So stockings it was. And we got the train into London and met Ravi in a wine-bar.

Dale bought a bottle of wine, but Ravi just wanted an orange juice, which he nursed for the entire evening! When Dale and I had finished our wine he never offered to get another round. This lack of etiquette was quite a serious mistake as far a I was concerned, as I have no desire to sleep with someone who doesn't buy me a drink. By the end of the evening Ravi had not put his hand in his pocket once!

And it was not the only transgression. He didn't really talk to me and there were no compliments or flirtatious banter, which flies in the face of the advert requesting a man to flirt with me. He chatted to Dale quite comfortably about business, and if anything, appeared to look up to Dale as the older more experienced business man - certainly no dominating alpha male behaviour. Don't get me wrong, conversation was pleasant enough, but it could have been a work night out!

When Dale took a trip to the bathroom, Ravi took that as an opportunity to sit next to me, and he immediately kissed me. This I quite enjoyed because he was quite cute and I was in the mood for a snog. But there was insufficient chemistry so the novelty soon wore off, and short of him turning up the charm, so there was little hope of any chemistry being generated.

Ravi was very pushy. He was quite insistent about putting his hand up my skirt, and even if we hadn't been in a public bar, I don't think I would have been interested. The story of him fingering a girl in a club, as described in 'A New Year and back in the saddle with a bang', ceased to be erotic when faced with reality. He did and said nothing to tempt me. I need seduction, and that's just the way it is! Eventually Ravi convinced me to remove my knickers - for a moment he had pandered to my erotic fantasies. So I slipped them off, handed them over, and he discreetly put them in his pocket. But this act did nothing to enhance the moment. In fact only thing I liked about the removal of my knickers was the look on Dale's face when I asked for them back at the end of the evening!

I don't think Ravi understood the concept of the three-way relationship. Whenever Dale was out of the way, he seemed relieved so that he could try it on with me. He wanted to fuck me, and if that meant putting up with my hubby being there, well so be it. In fact I think Ravi expected to fuck me - the date was a done deal, and from his point of view I believe he felt no effort was required. And as far as him being dominating, as he had described in emails, I couldn't see it - pushy yes, but not dominating. Ravi, in my opinion, is no Bull.

Dale realised I'd had enough so suggested we leave to get an earlier train.

He texted Dale the next day saying it might be fun if we meet at his flat that night, and was very surprised when we declined. He made contact a few more times over the next week or so before giving up. I would normally tell someone if it's not going to work, but his presumptions pushiness, and not buying me a drink was starting to increasingly irritate me. So he was blanked.

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